Give ’em a Year before the Financial Problems begin to set in

Given the wide ranging Projects they hope to invest in for Distribution; Indonesia, Australia (For Hillsongs Audience), China (problems discussed on line are forced to be dealt with by local Church Leaders with GodTV PR strategy going full swing) I give ’em a Year before you start to see cracks.

Rory Alec’s unwillingless to face facts i’e only NOW TWO major Successful Missions Weeks out of 11-12 years means he will latch onto higher figures instead of rather more sobering lower figures which chug along at a rebuking rate; hence Dear Precious Beloved Viewer we will see a return of the persistant financial problems and the deficits will start to return meaning we all have to start again; see begging letters on doorstep (We need£200 this Year 2007 pre Missions Week ‘in faith) as Rory and Wendy Alec and The Family aka ICG will run away from terrible mathematical realities.


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