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Dave Markee ‘ The Dream on TV’ Criminals Shot since Deleted from Dream on TV Inserts

Dave Markee Picture. The Criminal Shot shot by my Digital Camera re: Microexpressions Project.


‘New Breed’ Forms of Attacks adopted by God TV on a Continuous Basis

Forms of Attacks adopted on continuous basis of God TV Governmental Network


Forms of Attack adopted by God TV Governmental Movement Network include the following

Pictorial of a Fortress and attacking Enemy
We are the devil not them they are too holy!!
Covering up steps and hiding iniquities.
History re-writes put them further into the hole they got themselves in. They rewrite their history. Wendy Alec is spinning God TV history with a few ‘secrets’ (God TV Behind the Screens)
Secrecy. Non transparency and non -accountability to Church.

Using music to attack
It always comes around Seven Day Jesus**
You make me mad Third Day

Prophetic curses on behalf of your favourite prophet.

Email Deletion of legitimate concerns.

I have experienced this. The chances are others have too but we’re not talking about that aren’t we?

Self Aggrandisement in only seeking contact with ‘Significant Leaders within the Body of Christ’ Which is putting the stakes too high causing problems for Church.

The conspicuous lack of a repentance humble weeping spirit in lieu of sufferings caused.
The Big name backing them up so one feels small and insignificant.

Open mockery of Church Dream on TV examples, David Aldous smirking, Rory Alec and plucked eagle Behind the Screens. God tV is coming to America by implication Holy Spirit, Revival etc implying the Church is not walking in Revival which is (life at its BEST full of the grace of God. Selwyn Hughes) or walking in integrity. They do the devils work for him.

Criticising and Judging Attacking and Undermining on a continuous basis.
See Log and Write up C&J’s A&U as one experiences them and then in Jesus Name counter.

Given Evidence that God TV HAVE RAISED THEMSELVES UP n-o-t G-o-d

Page 1
On the 1st October 1995, seen the launch of a
‘The Christian Channel Europe’ which is today know as “GOD TV
[ch.47 Astra 1C(11170.75MHz). This channel was to be Europe’s first
daily ‘Christian’ Television Channel, which would reach out to millions
of people throughout Europe with ‘Bible’ based family viewing and

As founders of ‘Christian Channel
Europe’ [CCE] Rory and Wendy Alec ‘accepted’ the challenge of
providing a channel committed to ‘Christian’ views, beliefs and
lifestyle back in September 1994. On the prompting of the ‘Holy
Spirit’ a vision for Christian TV in Europe started as a two hour
programme broadcast from their kitchen table and grew to be a multi-
channel network of Christian TV and Radio programmes broadcasting
to a potential 80 million people in 58 nations across the UK, Europe,
Western Russia, North Africa and the Middle East.

[CCE] was launched by Rory and Wendy
Alec on the basis of a ‘prophecy’ made by Jonathan David, July 1994,
in the Cornerstone Christian Centre, Bromley pastored by Juilan Mefi
and Hugh Osgood! Howard Condor who has since worked for the
‘Christian Channel Europe’ was alleged to have been present at this
meeting and that the prophecy was directed to him. Juilan Mefi denies
claiming that it was directed to Rory and Wendy Alec who were both
present at the meeting. Cameras recorded the meeting, but Rory or
Wendy Alec do not appear on camera. The prophecy in question is a
rather vague prophecy which clearly the Alec’s have taken full
advantage of to build up their television network. [1]
Rory and Wendy Alec gave
testimonies of their conversion to Jesus Christ on the BBC1 Telecast
‘Everyman’. The testimonies were sadly devoid of any gospel truths,
and it would seem from the interview on the Everyman telecast that at
the time of their alleged conversions they did not know or even
understand the biblical gospel. [2]

Page 2

The vision of [CCE] is; “To equip believers
with solid foundational teaching from the ‘Word of God.” [AND]
“To preach the ‘Gospel’, to all in the Continent of Europe, and to
facilitate revival across Europe.” On the BBC1 telecast ‘Everyman’
which examined the launch of [CCE]; co-founder Rory Alec promised
that [CCE] would stick to the Scriptures, and promised that if
anything was not Scriptural it would not be broadcasted. [3]

[CCE] is in fact an ‘extreme-hyper
charismatic and ecumenical channel’ which is fundamentally
flawed in doctrine and practice, promoting the evils of ‘Word-Faith’
Theology, ‘Christian’ Rock Music, along with numerous occult
practices that are forbidden in Scripture, and which can be traced to
the New Age Movement.


The main teachers are from the ‘Word-
Faith Movement’. Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Creflo Dollar,
John Bevere, Jack Van Impe, Joyce Meyers, Rodney Howard-Browne,
Benny Hinn, Ulf Ekman, Jesse Duplantis, Paul Crouch, Colin Dye,
Steve Hill, John Kilpatrick, Gerald Coates, TD Jakes, Brian Houston,
Darlene Zschech, Morris Curello and James McConnell.

The Word-Faith Movement teaches that
‘faith’ is a ‘force’ that both God and man use, words are the containers
of that force, and through the power of words man can create his own
reality. God created the world by ‘faith’ in his spoken word and Earth
is an exact copy of the ‘mother’ planet. Man is a ‘little god in this
planet who can literally have anything he says. Man is an exact
duplicate of God including size and shape. Man can use his ‘faith’ in
the same way that God uses his ‘faith’ and can speak out and create
our own reality. This is known as ‘positive confession’ and by putting
your ‘faith’ in your spoken words you can then get God to bring to
pass what ever you say.


The gospel of Jesus Christ and him crucified
is rejected and replaced. Jesus Christ did not pay the debt of sin on
the cross! When Christ cried “it is finished”, it was not finished. Jesus
Christ was dragged into hell by Satan and there he suffered the
punishment for three horrible days and nights were his emaciated,
poured out, little, wormy spirit was born again. Every demon in hell
tortured him beyond anything that anybody has ever conceived. For
three days he [Jesus] suffered everything there is to suffer in hell;
however Satan didn’t realize that he took Jesus illegally because he

Page 3
did not sin. Satan though he had Jesus destroyed, but God started
talking and Jesus Christ’s emaciated, poured out, little, wormy spirit
was born again. Jesus Christ therefore became the first born again

In a letter to [CCE] a Christian raised concerns
regarding the false doctrine and false teachings being widely promoted
on the ‘Christian Channel Europe’. John Hammond head of
ministerial relations at ‘Christian Channel Europe’ in 1996
“There is no doubt that many of the ministers who use the
Christian Channel to Preach the good news of Christ are classed
by some to be controversial……This is often the case because
they refuse to compromise their understanding of the Word of
God. We (CCE) find in such cases that it is best not to
concentrate on the negative (A code word for ‘doctrine does not
matter’) but essentially to ask. Is the minister’s heart right? And
do they seek to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and do they seek to
lead the lost to a saving knowledge of Him?”


Rory Alec a co-founder of CCE
joined the ‘false prophets’ hall of fame in December 1996! Just like
Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts, Rick
Joyner, John Kilpatrick and others who GOD TV carry, and whose
failed prophecies are legendary.
Rory Alec’s error was proclaiming on a Christmas 1996 ‘Good
Morning Europe’ telecast rather excitedly, that prophetically speaking
GOD TV was going to be broadcasting 24 hours per day [carrying 5
languages] in 1997. It was clearly stated by Rory Alec that this was
not his will, but ‘God the Father’s will’, and that it “WOULD
TO PASS! This prophecy failed! What did happen? 1st SEPTEMBER
1997 CCE broadcast extends to 7 hours each morning and then is
relaunched as ‘THE GOD CHANNEL.’
In the Old Testament God commanded that false prophets should be
put to death! Is the ‘god’ b>of GOD TV the God of Scripture?

Tel Aviv Teleport which does Global broadcasting is the perfect solution for that and it dodges the ITC.
[CCE/GODTV] are not allowed to directly
appeal for funds by the Independent Television Commission who
issued the channel its licence. However this rule has already been
breached by the Channel on Thursday 30th October 1997: 10.30am
and Tuesday 18 November 1997: 10.30am on the Telecast ‘Good
Morning Europe’ a programme that is presented by the channels
founders Rory and Wendy Alec.
Page 4
A complainant claimed that editions of the programmes broadcasted
featured appeals for funds. The ITC examined various editions of the
programme and found that on at least two occasions it gave
considerable time to publicising a leaflet produced by the Christian
Channel and encouraging viewers to return a coupon from it. The
leaflet proved to be devoted to persuading viewers to send donations to
meet the cost of a forthcoming outdoor advertising campaign for the
Channel. The Coupon was solely designed to accompany donations.
The ITC concluded that a significant violation of the ITC Programme
Code had taken place in an area in which the requirement is
unambiguous and where adherence is of special importance. In
addition, promotion of the leaflet during programme time represented
a breach of Code rules prohibiting the promotion of support material
within programmes. The Christian Channel explained that any breach
of the Code had been inadvertent and would not be repeated. In fact
since the breaches occurred the Channel has appointed an
‘experienced’ Managing Director with responsibility for compliance.
The ITC made it clear to the [CCE/GODTV] that it regarded the breach
of the Code’s fundraising rules as a very serious violation and one
which had been of direct financial benefit to the Channel. The
Commission therefore issued a formal warning to the Channel,
making it clear that any further breach of the fundraising rules would
result in a substantial fine. The Christian Channel apologised for the
breach and undertook to take new steps to instruct its staff in the
Code’s requirements.
This was the second formal warning issued to the Channel for
breaches of the Code in 1997. The previous warning concerned the
transmission of two exorcisms.
On [CCE/GODTV] people are often told that if they do not give to their
ministries they will remain poor or even get sick, or will remain sick.
John Avanzini says that; “Debt is not mathematical” it is really a;
“spirit of debt” and guess what he has the power to; “break that
spirit of debt in Jesus name” but only if you sow some money into
his ministry. John Avanzini claims you should not even try to re-
negotiate your loan as it’s really only like a junkie getting a better fix.
What should one do? Sow some money into his ministry instead.
John Avanzini even made it to the front page of the Walsall Advertiser,
a Midlands local newspaper, (and into the studios of BBC Radio 4)
because of his approach to people in debt. His mail-shot encouraged
its recipients/his supporters to send all their unpaid bills to his UK
Walsall office with a pre-printed `Paid in full’ sticker attached to
them. These red stickers sent out by Avanzini apparently signified a
step of faith. All the bills he received would be burned at a special
ceremony and supporters would receive a photo of this. Avanzini
Page 5
recommended that these people in debt send l00th of their
indebtedness to him, along with their unpaid bills (in faith) and to
expect a hundredfold return. (Debt counsellors expressed grave
concern at such encouragement to get even further into debt.)
Avanzini, apparently adopts the ‘God told me to tell you this’
Gloria Copeland teaches that if you sow $100 into their ministry you
will get a 100% increase and will in turn collect $100,000, or if you
sow $500 you will the collect $500,000. John Avanzini also teaches
the hundred fold hoax and bases his false teaching on Mark 4, Luke 8
and Mark 10:29-30.
One Christian told me; “The first two passages that Avanzini uses
clearly teach about sowing God’s word not money, Avanzini
perverts the scriptures and armed with a full range of Bible-
twisting tricks, he tells the unsuspecting that ‘a greater than
the lottery has come. His name is Jesus!’”
The Faith teachers on [CCE] are always talking about getting
something from God and it usually involves self and is always centred
on money. Why give their ministry the money? They will answer that
their ministry is ‘good ground’.
Hank Hanegraaff of CRI points out in the book ‘Christianity in
Crisis’ that if this was all true, then the faith teachers who teach this
100 fold increase would never need to ask for money again. They
would be giving it away quicker than they would be getting it so they
could get millions in return.
A married couple in England commented; “What really gets me is
that the followers of these ‘ministries’ don’t question why their
teachers don’t practice what they teach and hunt around for one
of their partners in greatest financial need & sow a seed! They
are telling those on the breadline to ‘sow a seed if they have a
need’ Why don’t they?”

In a Recent letter the I
TC have stated; “Consequently we have
advised The Christian Channel Europe that any programmes
which are designed for fund-raising purposes are unlikely to be
considered acceptable even, where, as transmitted, they contain
no direct appeal.”
The letter was issued after a complaint was made regarding several
“This is your Day” telecasts by Pastor Benny Hinn which were
broadcasted on “Christian Channel Europe” on Monday 20th April –
Thursday 23rd April 1998 with Morris Cerullo, in which a clear appeal
was made for funds. The ITC obtained and viewed the four tapes of
Page 6
this series of programmes and explored the issues raised in the letter
of complaint at some length with CCE.
The letter from the ITC reads as follows; “….The whole series has
now been seen and considered by several senior ITC staff. Our
conclusion is that there is no clear breach of the Code’s
prohibition on fundraising in programmes. Indeed The Christian
Channel explained that they had done ‘radical’ editing on the
programmes to remove any explicit appeals. Even so we agree
that the programmes as transmitted, while encouraging giving
in general, do so in a context where the only possible
beneficiaries mentioned are the ministries involved. It would not
be unreasonable for a viewer to conclude that his generosity
should be directed towards these ministries, even though there
is no exhortation actually to do so. Consequently we have
advised The Christian Channel Europe that any programmes
which are designed for fund-raising purposes are unlikely to be
considered acceptable even, where, as transmitted, they contain
no direct appeal….” Finally the ITC state “We wish to leave no
doubt that the ban on fundraising is a fundamental policy that
must be treated as such. Thank you for bringing this matter to
our attention.”
[CCE/GOD TV] move its broadcast centre from the UK to Israel in July
2002 which means they can now appeal for funds on air
Those who would
question whether what [CCE/GODTV] are doing is of God, come under
Various Forms of attack personalized music CMTV, disband and dismantle attempts
Clique is strutural prophetic form. cmo original
[CCE/GOD TV] teachers often quote; “Touch not mine anointed,
and do my prophets no harm.” [1 Chronicles 16:22] at other times
they say; “ah the religious spirits are going mad cause of this
channel and the devil is really mad.” (admin note Religious spirits=Christians!! see Francipane and Joyner crusade against so called religion)
1 Chronicles 16:22 ; “Touch not mine anointed, and do my
prophets no harm.” means to do no physical harm, not questioning
whether what they are doing is of God. nobr>

A Christian once told me; “We can just imagine Paul preaching to
the Bereans and they are checking everything he taught out
against the Word of God. Paul must have gone mad saying who
are you to question and check up on me? Don’t you know who I
am? Don’t you know that I have written two thirds of the New
Testament? Don’t you know that that I have built up most of the
churches? How dare you question me? I am anointed by the
living God?”
Page 7
Paul called THE BEREANS; ‘more noble’ because they received the
word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily to
see whether these things were so. (Acts 17:11)

use in http://www.thegovernmentalgoalsofgodtv/keyanalytics

Unlike Gerald Keehan a Pastor in London wrote the following in
response to a letter in which the teachings of the GOD TV were
“….Ask yourself the question by what authority you attack or
undermine other Christians? What major church or ministry
have you built? God anoints leadership and puts them in place
to speak and lead. If you’re not in that place – you are not
anointed to do it – so be quiet! Sadly a lot of your letter is due to
immaturity and naivety. Basically a lot of teaching is beyond
you but you can with a right heart acquire understanding. Being
a judge to the body will not do it. A Christian raising himself up
to knock major ministries is called immaturity at best….”

Apart from Money, revival is GOD TV s favourite hobby horse and it’s
always ‘just around the corner’. Many of those who appear on GOD v>
TV believe that great revival is here, or on the way with GOD TV the
chosen vehicle to promote this revival Rory Alec claims that God told
him; “All Europe shall be saved”.
But is it really a great revival or is it the great apostasy spoke of by
Paul? (2 Thess 2:1-12) Incredible as it seems more Mosques and
Mormon Temples are being built in the UK than ever before. New Age
teaching along with certain other cults continue to grow at a
staggering rate, so where’s this revival?
In his book ‘Counterfeit Revival’ Hank Hanegraaff goes behind the
scenes and uncovers the contradictions, false experiences, spiritual
deception, and seductive allure of esoteric experience masquerading
under the banner of truth. He draws you into the wildly popular and
bizarre world of contemporary revivalism as it documents the
devasting impact on congregations worldwide. And Counterfeit Revival
provides biblical remedies to counter a paradigm shift that threatens
to tear apart the very fabric of contemporary Christianity.
Hank Hanegraaff states; “Satan is a master counterfeiter. Rather
than presenting evil in its naked deformity, he masquerades as
an angel of enlightenment. He wants people to encounter him
and think they are in touch with the living God. His ultimate
deception is a counterfeit revival.”
Rory Alec condemns anyone who would dare question the doctrines
and practices being promoted on his network. Those who do question
are often branded as ‘devils’ and ‘accusers of the brethren’. Rory has
warned people who would examine and question the teachings on his
Page 8
network to think again; “Be careful, do not speak evil of the
projects of the living God and “No devil on this earth will stop
this ministry”.
This movement is
being used by the Roman Catholic religion to bring together all the
different religions of the world under the control of the Pope. The goal
of this movement is to ‘unite the body of Christ’ regardless of what
you believe so that the Pope can give ‘Jesus Christ a 2000 year
birthday present’.
Many within the ecumenical movement often ignore the history,
doctrine and councils of the Roman Catholic religion. Many
‘Christians’ have been tricked into thinking that the Roman Catholic
religion has changed. Sadly they are misguided as their un-biblical
doctrines are still in place to this day, and ‘Vatican II’ reconfirmed
‘The Council of Trent’ which has over 100 curses against true Biblical
Christians. Jack Van Impe who; “loves Catholic doctrine” never
ceases to sing the praises of the Pope, calling him a ‘great’ man of
Rory & Wendy Alec once claimed; it does not matter anymore whether
you believe that the bread and wine was literally his body and blood or
not. Tell that to the many reformers and martyrs who died at the
stake thinking it did matter. To his credit Rory told his viewers that
the Pope was only a man, and that Salvation was found only in Jesus
Christ, but this does not excuse or hide over the fact that
[CCE/GODTV] is without a doubt ecumenical. It had been reported in
the ‘Catholic Herald’ that they planned to have one of their six digital
channels totally devoted to the Roman Catholic religion with its false
gospel of works and rituals.


On the video ‘The
Signs and Wonders Movement Exposed – Music and Ministry’
produced by ‘NPN VIDEOS’, it is proven that leading Charismatic
Figures who appear on [CCE/GODTV] use occult techniques in their
meetings. On the video experts on Music, Medicine, IIIusions and
Theology reveal the hidden truths well know ‘Signs and Wonders’
workers have tried to hide!


The foundation of [CCE/GODTV] is
build upon the heretical ‘Word-Faith’ teaching along with its false
gospel, false Jesus and occultism like practices. Its roots are filled
with fabrications, fantasises, frauds, false miracles and dodgy fund
raising schemes; with a ‘whatever-works’ and an ‘end justifies the
means’ methodology. The fruit of all this is a ‘false church’ filled with
‘false converts’ believing a ‘false gospel’
who are ‘rich and
increased with goods’ but in reality are ‘spiritually blind’. As it is
Page 9
written; “A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit and neither
can a good tree bring forth evil fruit.”
‘Christian Channel Europe’ which is now
known as ‘GOD TV is not from God; it is a counterfeit of the worst
and most diabolical kind and is to be rejected and denounced.
David McAllister

The Belfast Berean

Mark Goodge Key Quotes from the man himself

Mark Goodge Key Insights


Saturday, 23 September 2006
2:46:46 AM

Mark Goodge respects Fortunately, there
>are very, very few people in news.groups these days whose opinions mean
>anything to me at all, and you aren’t one of them.

Here’s a suggestion: why don’t you killfile everyone except the people
you respect, and only respond when they post something?



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goodstuff address is high priority rating. Other addies are low priority.

Goodge favours moderation.
Goodge has programmed his Comments and those of his voting supportive friends acceptable. Other Comments are deleted. (quote on UK Religion Christian)
Goodge is anti-democracy as it might upset the precious little applecart he has constructed.
Democracy is inconvenient cos non Christians have complained and Christians too!! (more HDD evidence)
Goodge also is a friend of Message to Schools or The Message as they call themselves (further HDD hard facts)

Peter Glover Evangelicals Now Seminal Article

Evangelicals Now
Christian news worldwide

God’s TV station?
An account of the Christian Channel Europe (CCE) – a British-based satellite channel – and the heretical teaching appearing on this channel

Christian TV has arrived in Britain, but the channel has proved very controversial.

The Christian Channel Europe (CCE), the first British-based Christian satellite TV channel, re-launched itself last December with the infusion of $3 million, mainly from US evangelical sponsors, including Benny Hinn. In doing so the channel’s name was changed adopting the new title of the ‘God’ channel.
At the media launch Rory Alec, with his wife Wendy, the main movers behind the station, pointed to one of their six key advertising posters. It featured the words: ‘God the Father, God the Son, god the TV channel’. Alec was at pains to explain: ‘While some might consider this close to blasphemy the important thing was that the last section of the slogan did refer to god with a small ‘G’.’ This, of course, he believed made all the difference. It still comes as a shock, however, the first time you tune in to see the silver advertising ‘God’ logo spinning into view and spreading itself across the screen.
Growing without a whimper

While the ITC has already had to formally warn the channel for breaking its code (Baptist Times, February 3) by showing Benny Hinn performing an on-screen exorcism, the company star is still rising. The channel itself, while apologising for breaking the ITC code, has already written to its own supporters, complaining about the ‘current rules’, and asking supporters who agree with it, to complain to the ITC (letter from CCE’s managing director, Tony Brill, February 1998). It has, however, already been granted licenses for six digital cable channels.
According to CCE’s own literature they have plans for a dedicated Revival Channel and a Worship Channel among others. It recently increased its broadcasting time to 7 hours a day, using the same channel as Sky Soap. For those Christians who believe that, being a satellite channel, CCE only has a minor influence in the wider church, they should know that it has big plans. Some church leaders may well believe that CCE’s influence is irrelevant to them as they are poor and cannot afford satellite TV. I can assure them that, even if they cannot, members of their congregation and those they seek to reach certainly can. The strangest thing, however, given the nature of this channel, is just how all of this has taken place (without a whimper from the rest of the church). Given the nature of the material daily appearing on screen the lack of response is disturbing.
BBC blows the whistle

It recently took BBC 1’s Here & Now watchdog programme (Monday February 16 to investigate some of the CCE’s healing and miracle claims. When I asked CCE’s Tony Brill about this, he told me: ‘We do not have the resources of a large organisation such as the BBC, to investigate individual healings. We see healings as unremarkable. In his programme, Benny Hinn advises people to go and see their doctors after the event.’ He added: ‘I do see us getting into making programmes that investigate the healings and showing the proof.’ One wonders that, if CCE does see the professed healings as ‘unremarkable’, why so much is made of them throughout their scheduling.
Brill states that about 79% of programming still emanates from the US. A situation it is seeking to remedy in line with its ITC license agreement. He told me: ‘ now that we have the new studios, we can begin to make our own programmes, and we wish to have a high European content. We know there is a resistance to US programming among the unsaved in Britain.’ The ITC code does not allow for on-screen fund raising (as US TV evangelists can) which is why the money is raised by proxy in the US, neither does it allow claims of human supernatural power. Revocation of their license is always a possibility open to the ITC for flagrant and persistent breach of their operating code, but at least funding does not seem to be a problem for the channel.
Word-Faith preachers

But why should we be so concerned about this Christian TV channel in our midst? Is it not just the charismatic movement on the telly? Well, no, it is not. While Colin Dye already has his Tuesday morning David Letterman-type show, the bulk of it is still US TV evangelists – some of whom (including Benny Hinn) are already being investigated by the US media concerned with overblown claims and the raising and use of massive amounts of money. Indeed, the bulk of those appearing daily are not charismatics at all.
They are in fact from the Word-Faith Movement itself. For those still unaware of the teachings of this movement, it involves the key belief that you can literally have anything you want (usually personal wealth and health) if you have ‘faith’. While the name Jesus is often touted Word-Faith does not, however, rely on faith in Christ at all, but on faith in faith itself. Faith thus becomes a universal law which even God must obey.
Its exponents are the main movers behind the ‘health and wealth’ gospel. They are largely individuals who believe in the Laws of Faith, steps to belief or the ‘steps to the anointing’ heresies of Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin – both of whom appear regularly (the former occasionally in his own Westerns). Their critical belief, around which much of their mystical theology is formed, is that we all possess the ability to become ‘little gods’. This, of course was the original sin in the Garden of Eden, the belief that through spiritual (gnostic secret) knowledge (the charismatic anointing) we can become little gods. This is entirely similar to the beliefs at the heart of Mormonism which preaches the same unbiblical lie. Should you need confirmation of the beliefs of CCE’s broadcasters: ‘You don’t have a god in you. You are one!’ (Kenneth Copeland, The Force of Love tape). ‘Dogs beget dogs, and cats beget cats, and God begets gods. You are all little gods’ (Kenneth Copeland, Trinity Broadcast Network’s Praise the Lord TV show) and ‘You are as much the incarnation of God as Jesus Christ was. Every man who has been born again is an incarnation and Christianity is a miracle. The believer is as much an incarnation as was Jesus of Nazareth’ (Kenneth Hagin, Word of Faith, p.14).
I asked Tony Brill why the programme content was almost exclusively Word-Faith. He told me: ‘We select programmes in terms of their quality from the Christian programming available.’ I asked if that meant that choice was made on the basis of production quality rather than the content or teaching. He answered: ‘Yes, that’s right. We have no editorial policy on one church over against another.’
‘Apostle of economics’

These are just the merest taste of the heresies preached by these men. Their spiritual children are men like Benny Hinn. Hinn stated on the Trinity Broadcast Network TV that those who spoke against ‘Word-Faith’ teacher Kenneth Copeland were ‘attacking the very presence of God’ (TV broadcast June 8, 1992). Lately the CCE has begun importing some of the big US names not so well known here. John Avanzini for one. Avanzini is known as the end-time apostle of economics. Put another way ‘listen to him, follow his ‘biblical’ rules and you will rid yourself of your debt and make lots of money’. Avanzini preaches that ‘Jesus had a nice house, a big house’ (Trinity Broadcast Network TV 1991). In his recent CCE appearances he was preaching the same message. Avanzini believes that Jesus and the apostles were far from being poor and that, if you have enough faith, neither should you be.
Church civil war

Nor does it stop there. Marilyn Hickey, Roberts Liardon, Ulf Ekman and Rodney Howard-Browne can all be found on CCE. All of them preach the health and wealth message.

And yet the church says nothing. Still more are to be imported. One of the least well-known here has one of the most chilling messages for all Bible-believing Christians. US end-time prophet Rick Joyner is another scheduled for broadcast on CCE. His end-time scenario is that just as in the American Civil war there will be a war in the church – between the blues (federals) and the greys (confederates). In the prophecy a Grand Ball is held where both sides mix and dance until war breaks out and the blues and greys once again fight to the death. The blues fight to free the church from slavery against the ‘grey’ confederates, who defend slavery. What Joyner means by slavery is slavery to God’s Word (the Bible) What he and his side will effectively be fighting is those opposed to ‘freedom ‘in the spirit’.
Joyner in common with Bob Jones and James Ryle (a director of Promise Keepers) all share this exact same prophetic belief. (Hank Hanegraaff, Counterfeit Revival p95f.) Joyner declares that ‘the party’ that God is currently ‘throwing’ (the alleged global revival) will presently give way to a bloody civil war in the church when those who war with the ‘blues’ will ‘either be converted or removed from their place of influence in the church.’ Joyner believes that the ‘grays’ – effectively those who refuse to move from their belief in the Scriptures as the Word of God – will thus be eliminated from the church, by force.
http://www.thegovernmentalgoalsofgodtv. Key Quote

These then are the men and women who appear weekly on the CCE TV channel. These are the messages and this is the nature of their teaching which passes under the noses of, and unopposed by, an apparently oblivious church. Worse, this is what individuals desperately in need of Christ and the true gospel are being fed in the name of truth. And the churches, yet again, are silent and CCE continues to grow.

The Christian Research Network (CRN) will soon be publishing a more detailed report on the Christian Channel Europe and those who appear on it . For more information write to: CRN, PO Box 8400, London SE13 5ZQ.
Peter Glover

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Chapter Headings The Governmental Goals of God TV

The Governmental Goals of God TV

Table of Contents


Put introduction here.

Part One The Church Split

The Church Split from mainstream Church to the Distorted Clique Orientated Prophetic
The distortion of the prophetic as a result of split.

The lack of honesty and self examination as prime motivators for split and not facing up to real issues concerned.
Unsanctified hearts, unhealed wounds, unresolved angers and broken dreams (Westminster Project, only I break in US, financially in Red etc etc)
Competing Organisations CBC versus long established Broadcasters Council or Prooving my Thesis

Part Two Proving the Governmental Theses

Rick Joyner and the Dismantling and Disbanding Agenda (Ministries Churches Individuals Broadcasters Third World Charities )
Joyner explains it all very plainly if you look closely enough.
Ministry Hijacking, Compromising and outright Cursing of. KCP and the Joyner Agenda

Mark Goodge and the Dismantled and Disbanded Alt Christian Newsgroup Situation.
Separate Chapter Goodge has put himself in my Address book or so he thinks!!
The Dominant Partner in setting up partnerships with other ministries.
They never surrender control to other people or ministries or desires.

‘We will do it ourselves’ rather than be edited. But super edit us out of existence.

Part Three How the Prophetic is distorted

And people worldwide are affected both ardent fans and those who have seen the light.

The Clique as a measure of mis/ representation of Christ.

My mates of x years

The Right Person rather than the Right God eg Jesus Christ.

The lack of solid Bible training and discipleship.

Public Error as a result. Examples.

Part Five The Trojan Horse of CCM Broadcasting and Dance Scene

Cross Rhythms

TF and Dance Scene

The Rick Joynerism of Music.

Part Four How the Church is damaged and bears the cost of this project as someone must pay

The need for Healing ministries and above all the Sovereign Healing of Christ in all of this. I have met many affected.
People are too afraid to speak out which makes data collection difficult and ardous. Potential data yields are huge.

What they say their Callings are

What they say are their Callings

Saturday, 23 September 2006
1:46:39 AM

To chronicle whats happening in the Church
Wendy Alec Prophet Scribe and Seer.(God TV Guide)
Win an entire generation for Christ.(Ads The amount is not important as being there every month Ad)
1bn lost souls into Kingdom (front for other activities of Governmental nature) The size of India .
Creative evangelism.(Wendy Alec)
Global holiness via Francis Frangipane (God TV Guide)
Dismantling and disbanding errant Churches Ministries Organisation P60 The Harvest.( My case and others that will be listed here(
Church Planting via The Call** Hidden Agenda( The Call and Mike Bickle on God TV who works with Joyner)
Prayer Movement ( via The Call)
CCM promotion( via Chris Cole and Cross Rhythms)
Social Concern via Message to Schools and Liberty Centres with Gilead.
Bring prophetic in with Rick Joyner and God TV** Would you wish a Social Concern message from this lot?? I can think of better but grovel grovel creep creep even if you are screaming for deliverance.
Re-position Churches Ministries and Individuals to be aligned with New Move.
Third Wave Church Government Apostolic (Bickle, Joyner, Goll,Jacobs, Elijah List personnel)
Watch out the apostles are coming to a city near you.
City Wide Presbtrys** Francipane Joyner.
Dismantle and Disband and prevent Newsgroups and Websites from forming that are contrary to Gods ie Their purposes. (Mark Goodge who must be prevented from further reaches of power and ousted never to return)