KCP John Paul Jackson and the Jezebel Spirit Another exciting link folks!

 If you confront the Jezebel they will scorn you with major hostility and vengeance. Years later they will still hate you and complain about you. They can not leave you with any shred of credibility b/c you may be able to expose them later. They will come against you and spread lies about you that seem true. The spirit will eventually turn on leadership or against prophetic person or persons.

-This is a venomous vial spirit. That comes in a demur package.

******* The prophet can not over through the Jezebel spirit. They can only expose it.*******

-The spirit is strong where the prophet is weak.

-Just b/c you are prophetic and can see evil doesn’t mean you can cast jezebel out. Only the Pastor has that authority! (if they do not fall prey to it’s manipulations)

The anointing attracts good & bad .

-Jezebels do anything to maintain control.

-Jezebels will offer a sacrificial lamb. They have other people do their dirty work. So that the other person gets the rebuke not them.

  • Satan is crafty and the jezebel stops at nothing until it destroys the church.
  • It will try and steal your soul slowly.

#3 Flattery

Flattery is for the sake of yourself! Jezebels will win favor by flattery. True compliments are pure and for the sake of the other person. Not to benefit yourself.

Jezebel will go to the pastor and play other people’s gifts against each other. By telling one-person one thing & others something else. Just to cause drama and get certain people’s voice shut down.

Jezebels don’t predict the future they cause the future. They manipulate it! But act like they predicted it !



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