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How God TV Joyner create Problems and Difficulties for the Church: Using Music to communicate instead of Human Communciation DRAFT POST

Here you see Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note in Song.

With CMTV, Scene Dock, Jennifer Hughes Projects the objective is the same AVOID THE VIEWERS PARTICIPATORS OF MINISTRY AT ALL COSTS. The avoidance of normal ministry conversations causes problems such as mental illness, hidden bugbears internally, and immense difficulties for Church to unravel.

But as Chris Cole so eloquently put it ‘the church pick up the pieces’ Well you asked for it and so you get it suck it and see you wanker!

In the name of the one who loves and saves and protects me the true lover and husband of the Church.



Secular Humanism The Academy and The Alecs

Working Draft

The Alec’s view secular philosophies as anti-Christian whereas in the Church God has raised Saints with secular philosophy roots. The Alec’s wish to change SOCIETY TO THEIR WAY OF THINKING WHICH THEY CLAIM TO BE GODS AND THE CHURCH. (The Call 7/7/07 is a case in point). Therefore philosophers/students/academics need to be wary of any thing to do with God TV Joyner and use their critical faculties and training to scrutinize them to the nth degree.

The use of the rational and critical faculty will expose the numerous dangers presentable to the educated and as Christians close examination will reveal the spiritual errors which are many and dangerous: Hinn, Prosperity teaching et, exploiting vulnerable**mental health and other problems generated by the so called ‘ministry. God Tv as a solution to where do we go now (we have left the Church for good problem.

An Amateurs attempt to protect the Intellectual Life of Boston from Dismantling Threat by Wendy Alec and Co

I am only an Amateur. Who am I to have any meaningful contact with would be affected Institutions in order to warn them .( I would show and refer ANY Academic to this site to evaluate the evidence but with the provisio to GIVE ME A CHANCE AGAINST EVERY ODD AND ISM ARRAYED AGAINST ME ME SATISFYING YOUR HIGHEST STANDARDS ETC ETC). God TV has contacts within Harvard and MIT through 24-7 and Joyner focused Networks. I want the Gospel to flourish in Academia because I am totally convinced that G-O-D and Intellectuals belong together Time and Eternity ‘proving’ my Thesis even though it is enmeshed in the folly of the Gospel.

I am concerned that Academics and students will fall for the God TV Joyner spell because they are so hungry and their hunger which flies in face of all anti God campaigning by Dawkins and Co ( I need Gods protection of me academically, with regard to Ministry and to this whole thing alluded to in Post).

I would support Dawkins in his criticism of God TV and God TV had better get its act together because a formidable list of Academics could analyse it like nobody’s business (God helping me to be one who presents original data, research feature more in my Degree if I ever get worthy to be admitted/re-admitted). I don’t know how to approach it. I want the Kingdom to flourish and grow in Ivy Leaguers as with any part of the University system and shock horror the world!

O LORD help stop this ‘dismantling’ and make God TV Joyners hands badly burnt. This could expose them for what they are seeking to exert GOVERNMENT and JUDGEMENT on the entire worldwide community of the Church with nowhere to hide.

Ask God to protect His Kingdom from within the Academy you may know sweet diddly sqaut but not all of Kingdom is exposed to the world and it needs to flourish none the less in His Name and for His Glory and their greater well being.


Christian Television and The Gospel of Greed YouTube Video Links

The Gospel of God TV 29 Planes 2 Plane Requests and Benny Hinns Request for Viewers to bridge £2m Financial Deficit

Crefflo Dollar Plane Ownership amongst US Televangelists

Crefflo Dollar

Mike Murdock

Joyce Meyer*

Working Draft!

Pastor Glynn Greenhow of xxxxxx Community Church assumed NE/NW England

‘Something in Boston must be dismantled’ Special Campus Edition Posting

 A Preview. I am considering what must be done to protect Harvard, MIT and other Universities around Boston Mass.

I am concerned that good intellectual enquiry will be threatened, that maybe this is what will expose the God TV Joyner NAR Fivefolds may in fact ( I hope!) find that they have gotton an Enemy they are helpless to defeat no matter how many Graduates they wheel out.