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A little Academic exercise:Compare and Contrast behaviour of God TV versus it’s secular counterparts

Take Premier Radio and God TV.

Premier Radio available presenter. Presenter Mode.

God TV uncomfortable non interactive non Presenter mode yet expecting all the benefits of fandom and support.

Keep comparing the two. Radio5 Live is another contender for comparision stakes.

It don’t look good. Take at least  a month and look closely then you SEE.


The Jerusalem Appeal Letter coming out The Financial Problems have started to kick in

The Jerusalem Broadcast Centre cost £2.5m £500.000 paid up BUT IN PLEDGE FORM. Omitted from MW Spring Calculations. Just as I prophesied earlier this Year the seeds of destruction are ready and waiting to unseat God TV.

God TV India is ‘by faith’ or in the Red to use Bankers parlance.

God TV Australasia is extra capital costs and renting.

God TV Office Florida to give appearance of prosperity and wealth is by faith with 100 max emails coming in per day.(Behind the Screens Florida Edition with Rory Alec and uncomfortable Executive)

IHOP Costs as there


and BEIJING being added. Expect more purchases made in the RED further undermining God TV liquidity and income. God TV inflating expansion on VT.Exaggerations need to be recognised by viewers who need to be aware of what is a STAT and what is a FACT and what is imaginary FICTION dreamt up by a Rory Alec who is impatient with real financial realities and actual growth of God TV. 

Anyway dear Viewers kiss kiss (we can’t wait to get out we can’t wait to get back to normal!!) expect a repetition in the medium to long term of the financial problems mentioned earlier on. And then wonder how long this God TV project can last in view of ever present irresponsible financial realities.

Adopting God TV Joyner Cross Rhythms will cause you to be divorced from your Church and where the LORD is at work

Rory and Wendy Alec, Chris Cole and Joyner believe themselves to be in some kind of government. Because of this you get a sense of an overarching authority blocking out all other voices EVEN THOUGH/IF THEY ARE OF GOD**

This is a most serious error on the Alecs part to disbelieve all other parts of the Church -which are many – which our LORD Jesus Christ is speaking. Thus they cut themselves and fans from the Living Voice of God in the Church.

God TV begins it’s project to try to be the prophetic leverage for global prayer around crisis in world-church

Mike Bickle Prayer Head and Rory Alec praying over Virginia Tech Massacres from IHOP is part of the attempt to mobilise global prayer (God TV audience total actual not 437 million as stated by the Alecs which is an exaggeration)

To quote a IHOP Blog (citation needed) God TV wants us to turn to it instead of CNN , remember the US bias. And reveals its anti intellectual heart in the process.

Academics have consumate Research Skills God TV be warned!

I have uncovered Scandals the J’Marc Raze Cover up by Message to Schools and Cross R and God tV (they are all in this together), I have seen emails and admissions. Goodge admits that God TV has SATTELLITE PROVIDER STATISTICS in order to ascertain viewer figs. These are not issued to the public so it is for the Viewer to estimate the relative popularity of various Christian stations on offer.

So I know and I am not Dawkins

TBN biggest

Daystar next biggest

God TV is size of Daystar’s Charity Budget of £12m so though it makes a big noise it is but an tiny minnow in a sea full of whales.

Academics could clip into Google Scholar and Endnote. No bother.

Thats why on a personal note this is the qaulitative data for future Research projects in the Sociology of Religion.

God TV does not know how to handle the Academic is NOT academic neither does it understand the academic modus operandi. It will be out of its depth.

God TV ought to listen to it’s critics like Dawkins who is so inspired by it

If God TV were to eat humble pie apart from listen to the Viewer true problems needs arising from Channel then listen to the Academics.

I would not trust a single Academic to God TV knowing their record and using this Site would warn them from the unique harms and extreme difficulties arising from tangling with this Ministry.

I also believe the Joyner Rebuke is extendable to God TV as God TV misrepresents Christ and is not a faithful representation of Christ. I believe because they preach Joyner doctrine and walk the Joyner talk that they are to be rebuked.

But Premier seems to have the barstards under control

It is so remarkable to see a judgemental controlling person such as David Aldous become an absolute pussy cat in love with the Church, he hates so much on God Channel. Watch on In Depth and Dream on TV for open mockery of ‘The Church’ as they demonstrate their obvious superiority over the rest of us.

God is with me when I hear Passages of Life or other Programme he does. But I find him try to control everything Holy Spirit n minute past 10 get my gist.