I do not rely on Rory and Wendy Alec as Spiritual Guardians of my soul

It is a dangerous thing indeed to rely on two people who think of the Church in such parochial narrow terms.

140.000 versus 5m+ Christian resources is all the figure you need to know that they think WE are ugly God forsaken and unsaved and they are the saved elect etc. Such error on God shop.


2 responses to “I do not rely on Rory and Wendy Alec as Spiritual Guardians of my soul

  1. You are wise to not look to these two people as your spiritual guardians. I am in disbelief at what I saw and heard on the Rory & Wendy
    (circus!) Show tonight! It is not what was said about Israel that is disturbing, for it needed to be said, but what IS disturbing is when Wendy began to “move in the prophetic” she just HAD to mention THAT VERY CREEPY TELE-RELIGION WORD, “THE ANOINTING!” Her prophetic word was nothing new at all and included her being “shown by God” that Pres. Bush has a BLINDFOLD ON in regard to Israel! Bush is also CLAMPED IN A VICE according to what Wendy said she “FELT GOD WAS SAYING!” As an old lady Prophetess, God speaks to my mind DIRECTLY! Wendy also said that Hurricane Katrina happened because the Church in America has turned its back on Israel. No Wendy, rather Television-christendom and its lurking FAT WALLETS are calling in the natural disasters! You are not “calling the spiritual shots in America!” How DARE you speak against Pres. Bush! Go pray for him in your prayer closet if you think he is blindfolded! I noticed your finger nails…just about 7 miles too long for Christian Television and to be praying in tongues under a so-called prophetic anointing. GOD TV is a DISGRACE and a GIANT BLOW to Christianity in America! God is VERY specific when He is REBUKING GOD TV IN THIS HOUR for God did not raise you up and EVEN if He DID raise up GOD TV, you are not on the front lines as you think you are.

  2. Commenting for the 3rd time in as many days, I have yet to discover in any of the articles the reason that you keep accusing Godtv of not being raised up…mayabe I’m missing something here, But what’s so wrong with talking about the tangeable anointing? If Godtv really is a disgrace why not just leave it alone? I’ve seen their programming and money raising efforts and didn’t respond nor was there anger roused within myself. Remember, God isn’t involved in our emotional realm, but our spirit realm, that part of us which has been born again. Offense is of the emotions, a reponse-stance based on disagreement or arguements. And, how are we to know that you’re an old lady prophetess? What do manicured nails have to do with qualifications for those who minister? Lists of what qualifies a minister of the gospel are found in several of Paul’s letters..a woman’s appearance only being mentioned ONCE among many other factors. Let’s all take heed that we don’t disqualify ourselves, faithdefender, by causing division and strife over cultural differences and opinions. If you truly think that the fat wallets you’re so upset about can call in natural disasters, then perhaps Godtv peeps et.al are more powerful in their prayers than suspected. And you never did specifically say whom you think IS calling the spiritual shots in America. Pray, pray, pray! There are souls to be won, those who are not against Jesus are for him, he said so himself. (Words of Christ in red as they say.)

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