More Word Faith nonsense Mike Murdock God TV’s fundraising friend

This is Mike Murdock.

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Now I like many others have been watching our friend Mike Murdock in action on God TV as well as Daystar, TBN etc all american if you notice. (prophecy given on the prophetic getting into trouble in US must find and submit) who I notice also seems to follow a formula.

  1. He sells his own merchandise and plans to write a thousand books (!!) which he publishes himself.
  2. He also has a music thing too and produces own music under his own Label.
  3. He sowed seed into riches from rags to riches but giving bigger and bigger gifts to ministries invariably american and word faith. In additon to God tV Paula White, Inspiration etc which makes me wonder if Gods Church is anywhere in TV land.
  4. He has a Plane in fact 2!!! a Mansion (Like Hinn only 2 private planes!) sells his own merchandise like Hinn, and pleads social concern etc etc. Salary and expenses are hidden from scrutiny. One should examine his lifestyle.
  5. The above video is to inject a little bit of fun into proceedings.
  6. He has been at KICC. Matthew Ashimolo is on the God tV Trustee board but you heard it here first not from God TV.

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One response to “More Word Faith nonsense Mike Murdock God TV’s fundraising friend

  1. This video no longer works. If you really want to sound intelligent and not like a raving angry THEY- got- all the MONEEYYY maniac, you must do better than this. There are no laws in U.S. or UK about the limit of private jets a person may own. Please do some intelligent research, because there is no way that an investigation of privately given money and it’s uses will hold up under tax laws here inthe U.S. I don’t know about other countries, but here, individuals are protected by law, that they need not disclose who they give to without a court order, and even then, the taxpayer has so many constitutional arguments to protect him/herself. There are greater injustices in the world than these, my friends. God doesn’t need us to fix others. He call on us to use the tools he gave us to fix ourselves; when others want/need our help, they’ll ask.

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