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‘There’s an underground Church ONCE THEY GET THE STAGE’

That stage folks is God TV.

I must do post about multi national and national saturations strategies of God TV and Associated Ministries.


Rory and Wendy’s old Church excluded from Autobiography

Where is mention of this in Against All Odds or come to think of it the Church Split? Bear in mind they will bend over backwards to be with us if it serves their Movement/Independence but try to get them to serve ours unconditionally without hard sell of God TV multiple operations and bear assured dear viewer it is such a JOY to be with you on the video far away from your disgusting presence that the shit will hit the fan.

(Church in Focus Yemi Balogun interviewing Hugh Osgood Revelation TV 26 May 2007)

A Sample of Jerusalem Hotels High Class to Budget/Travel What have the Alec’s done!!!???!!

If this little lot are anything to go by the Alec’s really have their work cut out for them given it’s ALL THE HOTELS probably in Peak Season.

How much would it cost to pay for ALL 5000 Hotel Rooms in Jerusalem for 2008 Tour (Book a year in advance!)

Total Cost of 5000 Hotel Rooms in Jerusalem = n

Running Total of No of Viewers attending God TV Israel Tours 850 max last tour in 2006

Average or weighted average of no above.

5000 minus average/weighted average

Take up by other Ministries how much pressure to attend on Elijah List Ministries and Joyner at the centre of it all.

Further substraction.

Add in

Missions Week Running Totals

Pledge Fufillment Rates

Paul Adrenilich Face poor man!

And you get a financial picture and one can estimate some kind of a failure scenario.

3000 figure for God TV Viewers booked a year in advance.

3000 minus 850= 2,10o deficit on God TV Viewer Figure.

subtract capital costs of Tour (ambitious far reaching)


subtract operational costs =

likely DEFICIT or in the red financing so typical of God TV it its quest for world domination.

Final Post: The Alec’s don’t want you the Viewer to read the Blogs but 12,000 have Governmental Goals and other Blogs so there!

Behind the Screens. Why the censorship and fear? Are they afraid I and others are telling TRUTH and not lies, that our findings are based on fact not fiction. Their worst fear that they have been FOUND OUT!! Shock Horror Faint gasp!!

Rory Alec’s heart is in SA and US NOT UK

So Cliff and Andre Spiritual Father and Mother said which Rory Alec immediately denies.

But we all know Rory Alec wants to be A) in the USA with Rick Joyner in West Virginia and at Heritage USA hanging out with the Elijah List and the NAR folks basically power mad spiritual imperialists ala the Alecs and Cole wishing to take charge of the entire Church of God and have it under their sway as orders is so well avoidable and hateful to them. B) South Africa Rustenberg would be Home Place No 2 Joint No 1 as living in England aka the UK is anachronistic to them and opposes every spiritual bone in their body. The UK England sweet England is just a Bank gone wrong and we need restoring to our Role as their Banker which they can call on at will knowing we will cough up.

But dear viewer BUT we know how they run their Account and I am dammed if I am gonna finance financial irresponsibility and their delusions of grandeur.

Delegating the Frontline Duties of Viewer Interaction to the Friends

Have you noticed that

SA Pastor does 10 days of fasting and prayer in run up to Global Day of Prayer?

Live Crusade Hosts inevitably make good mention of God TV as the seventh wonder of the world as a matter of course (I bet cheers will go up worldwide if God TV get their arses kicked for one I will and I won’t be alone)

Missions Weeks are delegated to whatever speaker they put in charge. The speakers know the Script and get on with it and Viewer is expected to passively cough up and pray up and say up and buy every bit of product book film etc that THE MOVEMENT produces ASĀ  Movements require MONEY!!

More on but Wendy and Rory and Co conspicously avoid behaving like normal bog standard present live presenters.

GTV is another example of Scripts in action and delegated activity and pouncing nasty surprises on unsuspecting youth leaders.