About The Governmental Goals of God TV by Author Miss KJA Hillier

It is not a happy undertaking to have to research, design and ponder such sad matters.

My sincere wish is with Gods help they can be redeemed out of the treacherous road which they have embarked on. That what ever may be necessary prayer wise, prophetic wise may happen to avert them and bring them to their senses. That pastoral structures are set up to give them firm discipline coupled with the Loving hand of God, that the deceptive hold of the devil who has held them to do his will will be broken.

This if it is to happen under Psalm 127 and Gods pruning in John 15 with God helping us all to avoid error misrepresentation then it will take more than one Rule Breaker to do it. An anointed sovereign act of God I believe wherever it is nessesary may be nessesary to break the back of a Movement that should never have happened. Because if you split you had better do it properly like the Methodists Baptists etc who are transformed into Rivers that can meet at a trajectory the cross Roads of the mighty River of God sweeping the nations.

May we all be theologians here. May we all see the need for sites such as these to warn the flock of the wolves lurking inside God Tv and implore Gods Character as GOOD Shepherd who has judgement in Exekial 34 for those under shepherds who are destroying the sheep.

May all evangelists love the flock and not fall into the sins here. Love so money is raised etc etc.

So the goals of this site are the following:

  1. Healing and Ministry for the flock of God based on the Sovereign Goodness of God and the reliability of HIS Character ie that He is the HEALER and that is a faithful description of Him and it is marvellous in our eyes. His healing of us compels us to praise Him on account of his wonderful sufferings for us on Calvary. Angelic activity is intrinsic to this process and simply having God help us to believe and follow and obey (pray etc) is a gift of incalcuable importance. Regardless of healingministries Churches etc. It is the Character of Christ that is to be relied on to heal us in this most awful of theological crises.
  2. Academic Copyright Notice. This site is for Owner to submit data to INFORM LSE, for academic data for a book or two, for papers. Kates pain is her ticket. She deserves to win she is in Supported Housing and needs every asset.. If you respect that and in jesus holy protecting name I admonish you do. Give her a chance to shine. If God doesnt want me in Academia or at Essex and or LSE then I have means and ways to get it into Academics hands with the plea that i know about Grant Funding books Papers published etc.
  3. I pray your Love and Protection on this site and on peeps who read this. This is for your Glory and Honour but strength and healing will be needed to redeem that lot responsible for all our sufferings.

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