Mike Bickle ex Kansas City Prophet an interesting link recalling a recent visit to IHOP



5 responses to “Mike Bickle ex Kansas City Prophet an interesting link recalling a recent visit to IHOP

  1. A while ago i subscribed to IHOP,s 24/7 praise and worship webstream, i quickly found it boring so tried to unsubcribe and guess what! it,s impossible to unsubscribe on their web site, no links or anything, i have sent numerous e-mails asking to unsubscribe but have got zero replies, it looks like i,ll have to cancel my credit card to stop them charging me, so much for financial integrity in the church!……………………………Tony Crook (UK)

  2. Likewise if you give them a substantive donation and wish your name erased from Wall at Israel Broadcast Centre or your Film footage deleted from Advertisements your requests are ignored. The Customer is always right doesn’t even enter their minds.
    This only leaves Customers to withdraw funding and support (prayer and finance) in order to bring them into line which they firmly deny and resist. A very good observation.

  3. GOD TV MISSIONS WEEK…the most disgusting & sickening display to date, of Professional Prophets prophesying for money. WHAT A HUGE BLOW TO CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA! Wendy looked exhausted at times, and Rory…well, he is certainly in love with himself and in love with that ANOINTING THING!!! (and I do mean THING!) THE ANOINTING…hmm…it TICKLES THE WALLETS OF THE MONEYCHANGERS!

  4. Anyone from the I.R.S. reading this page?

    Hmmm, I’d be probing DEEPLY into finding out where the money’s going at IHOP..and we sure don’t mean pancakes!

  5. my blog is primarily about these dudes

    the link posted isn’t working

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