NEWSFLASH Prominent Televangelists face probe

Note the number of televangelists who are under scrutiny who are also Rory and Wendy’s friends.

Benny Hinn

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

This Story as you know is all over the world and everyone is discussing it. Readers need to see connection between investigated Televangelists and God TV. The connection thus exposed will remind you of their prophetic irresponsibility which submitting to correction and prayer would save them fro- and stuff  that they would absolutely loathe but be forced to submit.

Joyce meyer lifestyle otherwise she is kosher.

Crefflo and Taffi Dollar,


2 responses to “NEWSFLASH Prominent Televangelists face probe

  1. I believe I read an article re: Ms Meyers 23K toilet.
    Where is the accountability? What about the “little people” who work for these people (Joyce in particular)? SURELY one of THEM has seen that something just ain’t right…

    I hope the IRS looks into IHOP as well.

  2. Whose prayer and submission to leadership, dorrrection are you suggesting? Yours? Theirs? Or theirs must not be satisfactory, at least that’s your tone. It’s not really clear who you think they so loathingly must be forced to submit to. I read through some other articles in this section and I couldn’t see where you were going with this thought.

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