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NEWSFLASH Rick Joyners Steve recalls Rick being told that if he writes that he will destroy his ministry

Steve Joyners Sidekick has come out with a whopper: that ‘if’ [rick joyner]writes that HE WILL DESTROY HIS MINISTRY. (my emphasis).

Lets look at the evidence: Rick joyner and the Alecs base their ministries on Visions that follow the typical Transported Into Heavens Model (Copeland, Duplantis, Alecs, Elijah List, ) that is virtually a prequisite for joining the elite fellowship.

So we have P60 about the new move of God a Fivefold bunch of apostles prophets teachers etc who can DISMANTLE and DISBAND ministries coming in the way (Harvest) and Rick joyner coming out with all sorts of stuff concerned with basically saying that JOYNER/NAR/ELIJAH LIST the Alecs and Chris Cole et al are repositories of the Truth the Pillar and  Foundation of TRUTH and the rest of us haven’t got it/don’t know the LORDS Voice.This smacks of Jehovahs Witness thinking on the saved 144,000 and the rest of humanity being sent to Perdition which as you know is NOT the heart of God.

I believe Joyner and the Alecs and Chris Cole with his CCM front are destroying their ministries by the exercise of the prophetic and that only by the right prayer prayer that they dont like love or desire can they be saved. Benny Hinn being cast off the show in an ignominius fashion.

God TV Night of 28 Oct 2007

Pre Edit machine time.

Is Kenneth Copeland BVOV behaving like our friend Benny Hinn? Assess the evidence more on Rory and Wendy Alec’s friends

Now I live on Benefits and it sickens me to see Televangelists run round on private planes and promote their merchandise as Murdock does. All ‘friends’ of God TV (no bad words, no questions, available at a moments notice etc or on demand as I suspect no matter how inconvenient) .

The Widows mite is always invoked, Luke? and the Widow of Zarapeth. The account above of the woman dying NOT THINKING SHE GAVE ENOUGH TO THE COPELANDS IS APPALLING AND SCANDALOUS.

If the Alecs prayed as in KNOWING GOD prayer this would not happen. God save us all.

NEW SERIES: How to recognise True from False Prophetic and Prophetic in Error God TV Joyner and its Associates

 The link below gives us some place to go in discussing true and false and those ministries in error. However there are some very good blogs out there such as Sign of Jonah where extensive and deep conversations are going on of a critical but accessible nature.

This is my start on it.

I realise that most of my Readers find the contents of this blog frightening or difficult; a good church that deeply cares and that gives you space to get it out is essential in the long run. Space to be you is vital as ‘picking up the pieces’ is emotionally psychically and relationally demanding.

As  I have said before NONE OF THIS BLOG would be possible without those who have gone before through whom I have been inspired to carry out my own Research despite God TV and Joyners carrying out their activities in top secret.

But is the LORD allowing me to see the fallout and examine it’s contents. It is well known to qoute the Alecs that that the viewer only knows a fraction of what is[ really] going  on and then it’s only ‘scratching the surface’ (Alecs on Behind the Screens 2006-2007) and me catching the Alecs and other God TV personnel before the beloved Editing machine gets us to lose the gems forever.

But anyway just in case any one thought I wasn’t going to bring the Bible into it here is an overdue start of that process amidst a blog that needs much editing tidying etc to improve readability etc etc (constructive criticism offered on FB by friend of mine)

More Word Faith nonsense Mike Murdock God TV’s fundraising friend

This is Mike Murdock.

(390 words previous for Word Count Daily Targets)

Now I like many others have been watching our friend Mike Murdock in action on God TV as well as Daystar, TBN etc all american if you notice. (prophecy given on the prophetic getting into trouble in US must find and submit) who I notice also seems to follow a formula.

  1. He sells his own merchandise and plans to write a thousand books (!!) which he publishes himself.
  2. He also has a music thing too and produces own music under his own Label.
  3. He sowed seed into riches from rags to riches but giving bigger and bigger gifts to ministries invariably american and word faith. In additon to God tV Paula White, Inspiration etc which makes me wonder if Gods Church is anywhere in TV land.
  4. He has a Plane in fact 2!!! a Mansion (Like Hinn only 2 private planes!) sells his own merchandise like Hinn, and pleads social concern etc etc. Salary and expenses are hidden from scrutiny. One should examine his lifestyle.
  5. The above video is to inject a little bit of fun into proceedings.
  6. He has been at KICC. Matthew Ashimolo is on the God tV Trustee board but you heard it here first not from God TV.

214 words

Resubmitted Post:Benny Hinn Rory and Wendy Alec’s friend and Initial first financer of the Channel Don’t you see a Scandal afloat

Dear Readers

As you noted the Benny Hinn Post was duplicated at least 5 x this is to make life a little easier.

If you watch the Benny Hinn show on God TV, TBN, Daystar, Revelation TV you will notice that HE ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT MONEY ABOUT 10MINUTES BEFORE THE END OF THE SHOW and HE ALWAYS IS FLOGGING A LATEST ITEM OF HIS MERCHANDISE ‘MADE DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU’ (The merchandise by the way is a cheap bit of kitsch one could buy in some low class dive purporting to sell souviners   to an unsuspecting and tasteless public) .

To the unsuspecting and Biblically ignorant public (I need to do something on CWR’s Campaign to end Bible Illiteracy as a counter to this) ; because he engages with ‘healings’ and evangelism and social concern people think they are onto the genuine article. But we all know of passages in the NT about Jesus warning of the false prophets (matthew?) and the Bible warns us of all manner of falsehood in the Church (wheat versus tares, light versus dark, sheep versus goats etc and we are talking about humanity here). I think we are supposed to go through them ie DISCERN WHAT IS GOING ON AND ACT ACCORDINGLY. Seeing as Hinn dismisses those who criticise him/bring up issues and that his activities like the Alecs are SECRET and Chris Cole’s throwaway remark about The church ‘picking up the pieces’ [as a result of God TV’s ministry] (Dream on TV qoute Cole was dismissive) then Benny Hinn represents yet another problemm ‘the church’ has to deal with by ‘picking up the pieces’ to paraphrase Cole; in an effort to provide pastoral and ministry care to the damaged flock of God.

NB A user on a Forum I belonged to let me in on a secret and I saw the Church that picks up the pieces from Hinn’s so-called ‘Ministry’ and that same church in the US would have him back to rehabilitate him and teach him the truths of the Gospel. (Philip Powell letter link to or excerpt from to show examples of how Church leaders regard Hinn as now gone beyond point of redemption). The Alecs of course will keep him on. I can’t see them take Hinn of giving his major contribution to the establishment of the Channel; and really bother to face the damaged lives of the flock.

Meanwhile Premier radio maybe will praise Hinn for his lovely Gulfstream Jet or lavish lifestyle as  a way to support the failing enterprises of the Alecs and Chris cole.

Email Correspondence to Cathy Much More

I hate loathe and despise God TV. It is a parody of the prophetic. The Alec’s are taking the piss and are treating the Church with contempt. After approving all your comments and letting things be I would like you to offer more serious elucidating commentary than just the needed rant.
I need to rant too. But readers take my analysis more seriously and ranting undermines the site. So I would appreciate it if you calm down, say what you really think rather than go off into some prophetic rant.
I also have to test the prophetic for the site and even though your comments are valid I would rather hear God in it. like the Red Dragon prophecy on Kansas City IHOP, or my legal back up prayer ‘If I am right about ny z about them and God backing me up.
I have rightly been admonished on appearing to rant. I would love to see Readers let off steam about this despicable Channel. But as Administrator and Founder/Creator of the site I would appreciate a more prayerful considered tone.
I hope you see this is for your help and benefit and edification of other users of the site
The LORD richly bless you and help you
The Governmental Goals of God TV
nb Talented Readers might be a help to me in the future as would be Researchers it’s just an idea.

Email 2

I mean this in kindness. It is entirely desirable to want to ‘burn down’ God TV. I hate the ministry but would not do such a heinous act. Instead their guilt will ‘burn them down’ Their deception will cause them real problems.
I am now enforcing a Moderation Policy on your Posts as I cannot have my blog associated with US political affairs, George bush or any other politician. I will henceforth delete the political element of your posts and moderate the rest of your comments mellowing it out a bit. IT IS NOT AS IF THERE IS NOTHING TO BE ANGRY ABOUT. But I would appreciate your taking a more prayerful considered approach to this.
please tell me more about yourself. I too am vulnerably housed living with 50% mentally ill so I know all about screw ups.
So please do yourself a favour and calm it down a bit.

Admin Announcement Faith Defenders Posts will be publically moderated to bring order with a plea for a more open rational approuch

I have had such serious emails from Faith Defender aka Cathy Too Much that I have no choice but to take public action.

I am going to post up offending comments, edit in corrections, and maybe leave open for further feedback.

I hope the message is loud and clear that I consider God TV is a dangerous thing. The reason why is they are taking the piss out of the church and ANYONE who reads this Blog, checks the facts against God TVs behaviour should hopefully reach the same solemn conclusions.

It is especially dangerous to the mentally ill, the deluded or just plain broken. Something like God TV has to be handled right otherwise lots of damage will be unleashed on the Church of God. Mental illness is something I am learning about but where I live MY SCREWED UP NEIGHBOURS or my SCREWED UP FRIENDS have or will have a clear message to examine the evidence for themselves about God TV.

My alcoholic neighbour mentally ill hates it and the rest of the neighbours are heeding my warnings. I would NOT recommend  God TV to anyone who is vulnerable elderly including because when the shit hits the fan in the secret place the tears will start to fall as the Church is expected to ‘pick up the pieces’ ( Chris Cole’s throwaway remark  on so called

‘dream on TV’)


I wan't sure what topic to post this under: THE ANTICHRIST IS ALIVE AND WELL Dear Friends.  He is already being broadcast from his underground network and has his prophetess beside him.  This is DEAD SERIOUS.
 RE THE ABOVE POST.  I DON'T THINK THE LORD IS PLEASED WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH GOD TV. I SEE PRAYERLESS, CONTEMPT FOR THE CHURCH, THE NUMEROUS WAYS THEY MOCK AND ATTACK THE CHURCH SETTING THEMSLEVES UP AS PROPHETS. CATHY TOO MUCH SAYS SHE IS A PROPHET. This is lunacy. I did a prophetic act it was in the style of the desert fathers who had to correct the Church because God legally backed me up. What this lady needs is to have the right church, right care and right prayer. Shouting to pastor about earthqauke and judgemental attitude IS NOT THE   THING TO DO.
This is a taste of what is to come in this difficult but neccessary moderation process.
 I might have to highlight good commenters as well who bring prophetic insight.
 I don't deny that she is 100%  right about God TV but suggesting God or some prophet apostle has suggested SHE BURN IT DOWN is unacceptable and not on.



  1. Political references are forbidden as is anything to jeopardise national security anywhere in the world. This is about God TV not national politics. Political element of comment unless relevant will be deleted or edited out without question.
  2. This is a Christian blog, this is a religious blog. Please keep on topic unless otherwise.
  3. Please be in prayer and learn to hear God raving in a ‘prophetic manner’ will be edited/delete/corrected. there has to be order in the house as in the Church.
  4. Considered prayerful responses may be invited possibly to be co authors and researchers for Blog to expand the number of voices on blog and break the power of one- a power needed to be broken on God TV.
  5. People have come here as in harvestnet needing help. I need Gods help to follow up and do it God’s way.
  6. This blog is to enable the competent the skilled the qualified and trained of God  in order to help them help those affected by God TV’s so called ‘ministry’. The lack of skill and training in the word makes them dangerous.

About Megame Eleanor Gilbert real name

  1. False website address.
  2. Anonymous cover for real name.
  3. Mysterious.

To MeGame I have sent apology for aspersions on your intelligence

It went via my Google account.

Students have disabilities like dyxlexia and that is ok. Anthropology is a magnificent subject so well done for being at University and studying it. Where Megame? Where? There is quite a few Departments in the UK with high rankings in the UK.

The brainiest can have difficulties spelling too and suffer all sorts of wondrous defects but that is human nature fallen and degraded but still wonderful.

Even God Tv folks can know Undergraduates Postgraduates and even Academics even if they know sweet diddly sqaut about it or know it.