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Disintegrating Wood NOTHING to Haystack Rock SOMETHING or Pictures of the Church How to spot the Leaders

I think God has just told me that one looks at the faithfulness, joy, communities of obedient faithfulness to ‘see’ the true Leaders.

River Streams of Living Waters book
Another tactic is learn to look at The Saints for ones own benefit and Angels. (Angels are ALWAYS deployed for the Glory of Jesus and wellbeing of His Saints in WHATEVER CONTEXT)

So St Antony of Egypt is a favourite of mine (resisting temptation just imagine HIM in charge of this whole Movement thing!!) St Michael as Chief Warrior Angel, Gabriel for born-agains new lifes/renewed lives/situations/circumstances (!!). One does not need to be a Catholic just visit the sites to see the Saints.  The Saints are a Universalism that doesnt need to be kept to just within the Catholic Church but rather shared around. EWTN is very good to Protestants who wish to come home so to speak -in situ-to the Catholic Faith.

I am not a Catholic but I do the Rosary have an Orthodox prayer rope would learn the Jesus Prayer and Contemplative prayer. I wont let denomination OR STREAM or impediment stop me from using resources I believe come from God CCM minus Jesus Movement Joyner baggage. Some CCM is blacklisted cos of tainted associations and sins within music ie problem causing rather than problem solving or MAKING A DIFFERENCE to the Church( !!!!)

I must post SALVATION versus TRAGEDY scenarios

If they did xxxx then desirable yyy would result

I predict serious losses of studio space as a result of financial mismanagement

Loss of Israel Broadcast Centre St Davids City locatable at an Angle. Building set apart (effective protest is what is needed God TV are secretive enough as it is!!!)

Loss of India which is run by ‘faith’ or in financial terms in the red.

Setting up another Studio in Times Sqaure NY is not only frightfully expensive ( as well as frightfully prestigious!) but could make God tV incur further financial losses.

Trying to set up an Office in Australasia would be stupid. God TV tend to occupy parts of a building not the whole mc coy.

Paul Andrenilich Financial Director needs to be listened to and ideas that such cost heavy resourcing relative to income need at last to be brought into question.

Rory Alec in this respect is downright harmful to his Ministry interest but pursuing DEBT as a financing strategy.

Expensive? Furniture and studio decoration and State of the Art Equipment are not going to help if you have insufficent funds coming in relative to costs.

”In Faith” needs to be seen for what it is ”in the Red”.

Message to Schools Cross Rhythms and other friends employ similar strategies for so called expansion.

I would rather see a smaller lean machine based on sound financial practices including extensive Advertising ala Premier which is a godly Channel-would be far better from THEIR point of view.

nb Cross Rhythms is no longer on Sattelite SKY due to them not being able to pay Satt Costs.
They cannot continue to spend spend spend and expect the poor viewer to cough up willy nilly style.

Cindy Jacobs and Johnathon David Prophecies are AS IS prophecies

Of course they love a Studio in NY but is is expensive (hmmm!) big swanky appearances give impression they are doing better than they are.

Johnathon David 20% of reaching the lost thank you JD! that leaves us 80% to suss out. See My Post on What they say Their Callings are for the rest of the detail. (My painstaking watching of God TV for Research purposes seem to be paying off if site hits are anything to go by nearly 600 and I have been here for a Month?)

Cindy Jacobs re studios in various places and now NY is just their forthtelling of AS IS behaviour of the Alecs. The Alecs are expansionist even if to quote Rory they are ‘on the brink’ which is silly and foolish if you wish to grow a Ministry.

(I keep imagining what I would do if I was in charge of God TV I would change so much if I was able and it would be rescuing but hurt like hell and Joyner would be affected, he would be like  scalded dog with the pain but at least he would be ok!!)

So I am NOT overawed by the scope and magnanimity of them. I dont think ‘How awesome’ now but how truthful thankyou!

  1. Rory Alecs Breakthrough anointing is superspiritual bullying what about Thomas and 24 hr miraces in India. God Tv if you look closely are not nice people ( to friends they are wonderful everyone else theyare morons) . They are
  2. Cold
  3. Manipulative and forceful. Intense.
  4. Uncaring when it comes to good things they aint quite up to it.
  5. In temptation they yield to rejection rather than risk the Holy Spirit and nice people in the Church and peoples reaactions not meant to harm them but help them,
  6. Cowardly they would run to studio than run to phone/email or both!

If they are successful is this Gods Approval or worse JUDGEMENT

If salvation is being saved from your sins and transformation in character (and that includes Ministries and Churches of every kind and hue) then if I am right: are they successful or are they under judgement.

If clique church is condemmed by God and distorts Gospe; wouldnt ‘successs’ be God saying’Have your way’ (and they will regret its bitter fruits);if’success’ is destroyed lives and destruction of relationships then its continuance is surely a harm to the Church and a harm to themselves and a harm to those seeking for God outside the walls of the Church.

If God wants to teach us stuff surely it is to look SUBTLEY and not look for plain black or white. it is in the hidden places one sees the Angel of Light.

I need to write ‘Its all really rather trivial’ post if God was able to SAVE them

If Teaching is beyond them (dreadful) then unsanctifed flesh and sins will permeate everything and everyone they touch.

If its a matter of the heartf/the heart of the matter( J John) then their attitude to ‘The Church’ (open mockery on In Depth Aldous and on Dream on TV) is IMHO a warning sign of the First Degree.

Joyners P60 about Fivefold disbanding and dismantling ministries/individuals etc work (all Tastyfresh attempts to dismantle my creative work but G-O-D steps in!!) means they are in charge and not the poor Church so unless Joyner is rebuked and the prophecies seen for the false things they are (serioius thing) then we are in serious trouble, unless God can create coping/reigning in life/kings and priests etc IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES WE FIND OURSELVES IN AND ITS BAD BUT FOLKS ITS HAPPENED BEFORE AND GOD ACTED There is NOTHING new under the Sun just the youth/broadcasting/prophetic/CCM and Dj equivalent of it.

My Pastor told me today that I cannot handle God TV thing

And that another project(pioneering in some ways!) is up my backyard.

I handled the prayer but email communication with Steve Cockram and Cam was a futile exercise ( I would love things impossible things to happen so a sobered reunion takes place and vindication for this Site and every one who has had to endure the horrors of discernment here)

Cam and Steve will deny it but I have the email that promoted me twice once for Ascension and once for Tastyfresh when my Star rose and Contacts was a word to be introduced into my Coping-Support Need Vocabulary. Tasty might but you cant deny Threads.

So I will do a post Part II of How God Tv has affected me. I long with all my heart for the Casualties of God Tv and their associates to be healed; and if God is genuinely doing it my life (Academic Healing Academic Jesus is my Project in Teaching and Potential Research one day is my Project by Gods grace and prayer into) and ultimately if it fails God TV movement folks will need healing if they are to continue in Christ-tail between their legs-to a position they only have nightmares about.

They dont have the character to handle the problems and difficulties (abnormal) that they create SO THAT IT CAN BE CORRECTED.

Kim Clements pray God TV will take the Nations BY FORCE**

Rory Alec says”AMEN’

This is not normal behaviour of Christian Ministries; usaully as I observe it one prays Q Is a Mission for instance ok to Diocese of X? Q so and so is busy can he/she take on marking a pioneering Course in Jesus Name ie pastoral is taken into account.

I do not rely on Rory and Wendy Alec as Spiritual Guardians of my soul

It is a dangerous thing indeed to rely on two people who think of the Church in such parochial narrow terms.

140.000 versus 5m+ Christian resources is all the figure you need to know that they think WE are ugly God forsaken and unsaved and they are the saved elect etc. Such error on God shop.

Falls in Youth Ministry Underpublicised in Christendoms Conciousness

The Fall of The Nine o Clock Service Sheffield

The Fall of Raze which Message to Schools. God TV, Cross Rhythms covered up in order to have business as usual. J’marc jailed. Docs on HDD**

Jesus Movement authoritarian practices exposed by Academic (more on HDD) much loved by Cole and company keen to indoctrinate us into their worth ; rather than critical examination of them as with all Christian ministry.

More controversy

Bob Weiners Churches people leaving in droves. matter gets shoved under carpet for Business as usual approach.

The Exoduses from Joyner Churches*