Academics have consumate Research Skills God TV be warned!

I have uncovered Scandals the J’Marc Raze Cover up by Message to Schools and Cross R and God tV (they are all in this together), I have seen emails and admissions. Goodge admits that God TV has SATTELLITE PROVIDER STATISTICS in order to ascertain viewer figs. These are not issued to the public so it is for the Viewer to estimate the relative popularity of various Christian stations on offer.

So I know and I am not Dawkins

TBN biggest

Daystar next biggest

God TV is size of Daystar’s Charity Budget of £12m so though it makes a big noise it is but an tiny minnow in a sea full of whales.

Academics could clip into Google Scholar and Endnote. No bother.

Thats why on a personal note this is the qaulitative data for future Research projects in the Sociology of Religion.

God TV does not know how to handle the Academic is NOT academic neither does it understand the academic modus operandi. It will be out of its depth.


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