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Resubmitted Post:Benny Hinn Rory and Wendy Alec’s friend and Initial first financer of the Channel Don’t you see a Scandal afloat

Dear Readers

As you noted the Benny Hinn Post was duplicated at least 5 x this is to make life a little easier.

If you watch the Benny Hinn show on God TV, TBN, Daystar, Revelation TV you will notice that HE ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT MONEY ABOUT 10MINUTES BEFORE THE END OF THE SHOW and HE ALWAYS IS FLOGGING A LATEST ITEM OF HIS MERCHANDISE ‘MADE DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU’ (The merchandise by the way is a cheap bit of kitsch one could buy in some low class dive purporting to sell souviners   to an unsuspecting and tasteless public) .

To the unsuspecting and Biblically ignorant public (I need to do something on CWR’s Campaign to end Bible Illiteracy as a counter to this) ; because he engages with ‘healings’ and evangelism and social concern people think they are onto the genuine article. But we all know of passages in the NT about Jesus warning of the false prophets (matthew?) and the Bible warns us of all manner of falsehood in the Church (wheat versus tares, light versus dark, sheep versus goats etc and we are talking about humanity here). I think we are supposed to go through them ie DISCERN WHAT IS GOING ON AND ACT ACCORDINGLY. Seeing as Hinn dismisses those who criticise him/bring up issues and that his activities like the Alecs are SECRET and Chris Cole’s throwaway remark about The church ‘picking up the pieces’ [as a result of God TV’s ministry] (Dream on TV qoute Cole was dismissive) then Benny Hinn represents yet another problemm ‘the church’ has to deal with by ‘picking up the pieces’ to paraphrase Cole; in an effort to provide pastoral and ministry care to the damaged flock of God.

NB A user on a Forum I belonged to let me in on a secret and I saw the Church that picks up the pieces from Hinn’s so-called ‘Ministry’ and that same church in the US would have him back to rehabilitate him and teach him the truths of the Gospel. (Philip Powell letter link to or excerpt from to show examples of how Church leaders regard Hinn as now gone beyond point of redemption). The Alecs of course will keep him on. I can’t see them take Hinn of giving his major contribution to the establishment of the Channel; and really bother to face the damaged lives of the flock.

Meanwhile Premier radio maybe will praise Hinn for his lovely Gulfstream Jet or lavish lifestyle as  a way to support the failing enterprises of the Alecs and Chris cole.


Missions Week Preview Draft: ”Governmental Perfection’ the Prophetic Apostolic and other 12 Things

This Missions Week Fundraising period seems hooked on those immortal words ”Governmental Perfection” this is a word that has appeared with  predictable regularly this week to fit in with the ideas God TV has about itself; there are real corkers folks in the gaff departments as outbursts in prayer about God TV bringing Revival as if God is doing nothing in His Church prior to God TV’s existence and that God TV is the answer to every problem in the Church.

The ancient grey geographical maps are out and statistical misrepresention is back with a vengeance.

On this Day 10 God TV a fading God TV has decided to re-run old footage to probably alleviate the tedium of  scripted dialogue within an inch of its’ life.

Day 6 Tuesday Sept 25 We have a TOTAL £1,949,185 or $3,898,370, I prophesy they could be 31/4 below Total thus causing more deficits at the end of so called Missions Week

So dear Viewers God TV has not seen fit to publish the figures. It is Day 6 and no totals bug is abberant inconsiderate selfish and lacking humility.

So here it is:£1,949,185

or $3,898,370

I prophesy they could be as much as 3 1/4 short of target meaning more financial input throughout the year.