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  1. Political references are forbidden as is anything to jeopardise national security anywhere in the world. This is about God TV not national politics. Political element of comment unless relevant will be deleted or edited out without question.
  2. This is a Christian blog, this is a religious blog. Please keep on topic unless otherwise.
  3. Please be in prayer and learn to hear God raving in a ‘prophetic manner’ will be edited/delete/corrected. there has to be order in the house as in the Church.
  4. Considered prayerful responses may be invited possibly to be co authors and researchers for Blog to expand the number of voices on blog and break the power of one- a power needed to be broken on God TV.
  5. People have come here as in harvestnet needing help. I need Gods help to follow up and do it God’s way.
  6. This blog is to enable the competent the skilled the qualified and trained of God  in order to help them help those affected by God TV’s so called ‘ministry’. The lack of skill and training in the word makes them dangerous.