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More on the Plymouth Project in Devon another link!

GOD TV is creating 35 IT, editing and administration jobs at its new TV research and development centre in Plymouth. 09-Oct-2006


God TV Financial Ratios: 1:10 means BIG HEAVY TROUBLE FOR THE ALECS

Assuming the 45% figure has at least halved then we are looking at an increasingly desperate Alec especially Rory fighting to keep the Titanic from sinking.

So if 1 is monies coming in and 10 is spending then they are spending 9x more than they should.

Thank goodness I get financial data from MW exercises.

But it is a painful horrific process and quite fun to watch and dreadfully predictable.

So dear Viewer apply 1:10 ratio and you get an idea of REAL GROWTH OF GOD TV.

It’s no use running in the red.

The tolerance ? of spending in the red by Bankers?????!!! maybe Rory Alec’s forceful dominating personality may mean THEY TEMPORARILY GET AWAY WITH IT but reality eventually sinks in.

Rogues Gallery Final Post for Tonight



Lou Engle

Chris-cole Representing Truth Dismantling

Chris Cole who I despise and refuse to meet although he may deny it.


Ze and Dave Markee of the Markee Clique an approved Church in Croydon

is Folly’s End.



Our dear brother Rick who gets all these Visions telling him to kick the Church’s arse.


Jennifer Hughes who cancelled audiences on her show due to ‘people problems’ ie not being able to relate as secular unredeemed DJ’s do to their enormous cost.


Jonathan Bellamy in with the big boys of Government and local Politics little do they know.


Benny Hinn Lavish lifestyles selling the Church down the line. The E Word works with the L Word to the Church.

21-robmount 125-PeteStanley 1-dcarr 57-janderson control_room

Why can’t they SEE a few local Church Leaders in Stoke roped in Chris Cole’s local power games.

I expect brokenness’ is not J’Marcs fall, Benny Hinn’s lifestyle, falls within Joyner camp covered up by so called ‘Restoration’. Lack of care lack of love and Mike Bickle (less said the better Accountability repentance and openness to ‘The Church ‘ is your FRIEND not Enemy@

God TV has £2m instead of $3m it needs RUNNING TOTAL

$2m instead of $£m is a million short.

I have seen too many shortfalls, too many overestimations and God TV NOT hearing God on their finances (Message to Schools ditto commit crimes of overestimation and non-engagement with so called supporters). It is the clearest evidence I see beyond prophetic of the disconnect between God and God TV.

I don’t see Gifts and Graces of fundraising on God TV or favour. The Gospel’s worldwide distribution is a front for a Joyner fronted Agenda which happens behind the Scenes by our friend Mark Goodge, by God TV, By Cross Rhythms (I suffered their attempt and as a result the bastards unleashed a lethal can of worms) and I have seen their mates Bickle and Co the KCP undisciplined and unpunished by the Church-show their true colours as revealed by the Pastor Gruen Report Shall we smile and do Nothing.

Plus God backed me up LEGALLY on God TV issues and from where I am standing they are in deep deep shit, selling the Family of God down the line with Benny Hinn (false prophet who should be under pastoral care and ministry and relearn the Gospel but it may be too late report on HDD) Joyner-misrespresentation and unworthy of the Gospel and worthy of Rebuke, and numerous instances of JOYNER THEOLOGY making the Church worldwide suffer wounds that beg me to expose them so that they can be HEALED and the perpetrators dealt with by the mighty hand of God who loves His Church too much to stand by and do NOTHING.

3% advertising budge (Paul Adrenelich) puts an disproportionate strain on the poor viewer who is especially ill-equipped to discern the subtle footprints of Satan the destroying Angel of Light.

(makes Wendy Alec’s novel an sponsered ad for God TV)

Rory Alecs Freudian Slip ‘This is the BROADCAST CENTRE..PLYMOUTH’

He quickly corrects himself and say it is the exotically name corporate thingmewotsit called the R & D.

My Research however reveals it is used for IP Broadcasts and I have an Address!!

It is shared space. God TV occupies a small area (funds don’t allow for any more than FLOORS [sixth floor actually detached building in Saint DAvid’s City actually tut tut navigate via tower at approximatley 45 degrees East my guesstimate] M Street is SHARED SPACE, such a Prime Location is occupied by top of the range Broadcasters so God TV is very arrogant to look at it as if they have any signficant share. Anyway PAT ROBERTSON ($429,5000 total worth of CBN) buys it for God TV (£12-14m UK 7x as large as Revelation TV who is only £2m but growing in popularity, viewer loyalty and willingness to be involved in ). As I mentioned earlier God TV is a tiny minnow in a pond fall of sharks. TBN is largest reaching 100m people Daystar I dont know I am trying to find the statistics, and God TV the paltry Astra or Hotbird or any stat figures of OOO’S NOT NOT millions as boasted. Given that this is a false figure. However POTENTIALLY they could but current actions in the finance end means income does not eqaul expenditure and thus they are always in faith always in English  IN THE RED which will affect their credit rating. Their reputation for payments will proceed them. Markosia have complained about Non Payment. Other Companies are probably or very likely following suit.

I agree with Adrenelich that their advertising budget is far too small. If they didnt spend so much time judging ministries they would get more Ministry Revunue but as I have pointed out it is Clique Ministry and that is a distortion of the gospel of  Christ by his power not mine to warn and protect the sheep and perhaps raise journalists  to do what I do. This site copyright

God wants truth. Truth is for their good. Wendys AGainst all odds has gained another100-150-200pp in order to be honest.

I would rather write that they act in integrity that they are supportable but they are not and it is a hellish road to Salvation.

Beloved caring Goodge on a UK Christian Religion outing

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