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NEW SERIES: How to recognise True from False Prophetic and Prophetic in Error God TV Joyner and its Associates

 The link below gives us some place to go in discussing true and false and those ministries in error. However there are some very good blogs out there such as Sign of Jonah where extensive and deep conversations are going on of a critical but accessible nature.

This is my start on it.

I realise that most of my Readers find the contents of this blog frightening or difficult; a good church that deeply cares and that gives you space to get it out is essential in the long run. Space to be you is vital as ‘picking up the pieces’ is emotionally psychically and relationally demanding.

As  I have said before NONE OF THIS BLOG would be possible without those who have gone before through whom I have been inspired to carry out my own Research despite God TV and Joyners carrying out their activities in top secret.

But is the LORD allowing me to see the fallout and examine it’s contents. It is well known to qoute the Alecs that that the viewer only knows a fraction of what is[ really] going  on and then it’s only ‘scratching the surface’ (Alecs on Behind the Screens 2006-2007) and me catching the Alecs and other God TV personnel before the beloved Editing machine gets us to lose the gems forever.

But anyway just in case any one thought I wasn’t going to bring the Bible into it here is an overdue start of that process amidst a blog that needs much editing tidying etc to improve readability etc etc (constructive criticism offered on FB by friend of mine)


A Reminder to all my wonderful Readers: What God TV say their Callings are!! Just look at this List!!!!

What they say are their Callings

Monday, 01 October 2007

22:18:00 a10/p10


To chronicle what’s happening in the Church. If you dear Reader have been doing your homework then you will notice it is them and their mates!!! The Mate Prophetic!!!

Wendy Alec Prophet Scribe and Seer.(God TV Programme Guide) We are mean’t dear viewer to heed Wendy not our local Pasto. This has displacing effect causing distraction and harms the work of God intended to build you up as it has done me.

Win an entire generation for Christ.!!!!!!!! How big is a Generation except very big indeed!!

1bn lost souls into Kingdom (front for other activities of Governmental nature)

Creative evangelism. Through Films, Books etc. Francipane Media and Creative Stream (Francipane org), Joyner creative and media, IHOP creative and media and God TV also and Message to schools creative and media all FRIENDS ALL PART OF THE CLIQUE. You only have to learn to look very closely and you will SEE.

Global holiness via Francis Frangipane. Because without Francipane we are so unlikely to make it because God ain’t saving us except for Rory and Wendy our examples of Holiness and Righteousness etc etc.

Dismantling and disbanding errant Churches Ministries Organisation P60 The Harvest.

Church Planting via The Call** Hidden Agenda. Churches of God TV Staffers; Chris Cole Community Church, Alec’s Joyner and Alec friendly Church retaining HIDDEN AGENDA WATCH OUT FOR CHURCH PLANTING STRATEGY. INDEPENDENCE, JOYNER CHURCH PLANTINGS and The Call Church Plantings. Some like it big some like it very big repeated Themes.

Prayer Movement via IHOP leaverage on international events by calling entire population of Church all nbn to pray which may even seem heroic if it was so associated with abberant error.

CCM promotion Cities Strategy for Cross Rhythms Chris Cole God TV UK Director All Cities in UK, and of course GLOBAL!!

Social Concern via Message to Schools and Liberty Centres with Gilead. The desire is for NATIONAL distribution in the UK and of course GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL.

Bring prophetic in with Rick Joyner and God TV**

Re-position Churches Ministries and Individuals to be aligned with New Move.

Third Wave Church Government Apostolic

Watch out the apostles are coming to a city near you. (Into Truth which Tricia Tillin just justifiably had to leave for rest)

City Wide Presbyteries under a single Prophet/Prophetic Council friendly to Joyner et al** Francipane Joyner.

Dismantle and Disband and prevent Newsgroups and Websites from forming that are contrary to Gods i’e Their purposes.

Missions Week Preview Draft: ”Governmental Perfection’ the Prophetic Apostolic and other 12 Things

This Missions Week Fundraising period seems hooked on those immortal words ”Governmental Perfection” this is a word that has appeared with  predictable regularly this week to fit in with the ideas God TV has about itself; there are real corkers folks in the gaff departments as outbursts in prayer about God TV bringing Revival as if God is doing nothing in His Church prior to God TV’s existence and that God TV is the answer to every problem in the Church.

The ancient grey geographical maps are out and statistical misrepresention is back with a vengeance.

On this Day 10 God TV a fading God TV has decided to re-run old footage to probably alleviate the tedium of  scripted dialogue within an inch of its’ life.

A Few Examples of Criticisms and Judgements as revealed by Pastor Gerald Keehan who justly accuses them of rainsing themselves up to criticise and judge the Church Body Worldwide

Criticisms and Judgements Attackings and Underminings

In Sung Form***and Prose

Tuesday, 04 September 2007

21:26:35 a9/p9 The Cross and need to create in order to take all this rubbish and accusation.


‘Many times you don’t understand the Word’ Steve Hill The Bed of Affliction God Channel.

Music as in Service and Music as in Lifestyle. Chris Cole Dream on TV

Rick Joyner and Saints grasp of the Resurrection

The Bed of Affliction Steve Hill often repeated on God TV the assumption being that Christians are struggling with sins rather than being in saved position.

How this constitutes an attack.

Suzi ‘You STILL rolled the stone away’

Dismantling and disbanding Campaign of Churches ,Individaul, Ministries of whatever type.

Plenty of material as it abounds on God Channel.!!

Flakey Christianity No compromise.

Churches Rory Alec

God TV’s UK Studio in Plymouth not announced by God TV Staffers

More on the Plymouth Project in Devon another link!

GOD TV is creating 35 IT, editing and administration jobs at its new TV research and development centre in Plymouth. 09-Oct-2006

‘There’s an underground Church ONCE THEY GET THE STAGE’

That stage folks is God TV.

I must do post about multi national and national saturations strategies of God TV and Associated Ministries.