NEWSFLASH Rick Joyners Steve recalls Rick being told that if he writes that he will destroy his ministry

Steve Joyners Sidekick has come out with a whopper: that ‘if’ [rick joyner]writes that HE WILL DESTROY HIS MINISTRY. (my emphasis).

Lets look at the evidence: Rick joyner and the Alecs base their ministries on Visions that follow the typical Transported Into Heavens Model (Copeland, Duplantis, Alecs, Elijah List, ) that is virtually a prequisite for joining the elite fellowship.

So we have P60 about the new move of God a Fivefold bunch of apostles prophets teachers etc who can DISMANTLE and DISBAND ministries coming in the way (Harvest) and Rick joyner coming out with all sorts of stuff concerned with basically saying that JOYNER/NAR/ELIJAH LIST the Alecs and Chris Cole et al are repositories of the Truth the Pillar and  Foundation of TRUTH and the rest of us haven’t got it/don’t know the LORDS Voice.This smacks of Jehovahs Witness thinking on the saved 144,000 and the rest of humanity being sent to Perdition which as you know is NOT the heart of God.

I believe Joyner and the Alecs and Chris Cole with his CCM front are destroying their ministries by the exercise of the prophetic and that only by the right prayer prayer that they dont like love or desire can they be saved. Benny Hinn being cast off the show in an ignominius fashion.

God TV Night of 28 Oct 2007

Pre Edit machine time.


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