Email Correspondence to Cathy Much More

I hate loathe and despise God TV. It is a parody of the prophetic. The Alec’s are taking the piss and are treating the Church with contempt. After approving all your comments and letting things be I would like you to offer more serious elucidating commentary than just the needed rant.
I need to rant too. But readers take my analysis more seriously and ranting undermines the site. So I would appreciate it if you calm down, say what you really think rather than go off into some prophetic rant.
I also have to test the prophetic for the site and even though your comments are valid I would rather hear God in it. like the Red Dragon prophecy on Kansas City IHOP, or my legal back up prayer ‘If I am right about ny z about them and God backing me up.
I have rightly been admonished on appearing to rant. I would love to see Readers let off steam about this despicable Channel. But as Administrator and Founder/Creator of the site I would appreciate a more prayerful considered tone.
I hope you see this is for your help and benefit and edification of other users of the site
The LORD richly bless you and help you
The Governmental Goals of God TV
nb Talented Readers might be a help to me in the future as would be Researchers it’s just an idea.

Email 2

I mean this in kindness. It is entirely desirable to want to ‘burn down’ God TV. I hate the ministry but would not do such a heinous act. Instead their guilt will ‘burn them down’ Their deception will cause them real problems.
I am now enforcing a Moderation Policy on your Posts as I cannot have my blog associated with US political affairs, George bush or any other politician. I will henceforth delete the political element of your posts and moderate the rest of your comments mellowing it out a bit. IT IS NOT AS IF THERE IS NOTHING TO BE ANGRY ABOUT. But I would appreciate your taking a more prayerful considered approach to this.
please tell me more about yourself. I too am vulnerably housed living with 50% mentally ill so I know all about screw ups.
So please do yourself a favour and calm it down a bit.


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