A Poem I wrote in frustration at what I see on ‘God’ TV

Look at them,
prayerless ugliness, prophetic obscenity, casting away the Bride the Bridegroom LOVES.
Grovel grovel creep creep,
mounting debts, in the red, expecting the viewers to bail them out,
whilst concerns and problems difficulties and issues are deleted away.
Accountability is shunned, and the
people are hurt.
God’s apple is harmed.
People he LOVES don’t know the wounds that afflict them,
and wonder why their lives are dragged down
into the depths of wonder and infatuation
ending up with problems without end.

Look at them, contempt in their eyes, cold distant, wanting to escape.
the thing that Jesus loves HIS CHURCH.
divorced separated from the roots that nourish,
this funny movement insists on its way
ambulances and crises the price we pay.
(copyrightkjah2007 in style of yale and Pam ayers on Oneword 200& between the lines


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