Rory Alec speaks of how God TV [nearly] came to an End BTS Friday 13 2007


Blimey Folks I am just testing this Windows Live Writer and so far I hope I’m impressed but I am sure they are taking on Google. Back to the point.

They never set themselves up to be candid or open or honest it just spills out of them when it is not part of the Plan-which as you know dear Readers is to conduct everything in top secret so no-one meaning any of ‘The Church’ is none the wiser. This Blog and my Blogger is a result of these ‘outpouring’ which I have to contend for. What they change vindicates this Blogs existence because apart from TRYING to be some sort of qualitative data record to be used ONE DAY in a Sociology of Religion Project to MY Benefit and Credit and to the Department-is as a basis of MINISTRY to any one any Ministry any type of Church, people lost or found, good and bad etc so they can evaluate the evidence for themselves. IF I AM RIGHT then people will be helped, peoples capacity to discern sharpened and shock horror maybe mass prayer may be mobilized in the thousands or figure the LORD gives me to put them back on the straight path a job I believe that could take years and is totally avoidable but definably BLACK what we/I are dealing with.

One minor problem that God TV and it’s Ministry mates have to deal with is that I have become very good at Spotting the Edit I can spot it a mile off I know the content so well. I have managed to spend YEARS and YEARS examining the Content for all the problems and difficulties that it is creating.

You my dear friend can follow suit using the material on this Blog BUT if you are an Academic GIVE ME A CHANCE I am disadvantaged beyond your wildest dreams (PTL for the Academics in my life and their incredible it seems support on me academic output comes through much pain and sorrow when one is giving birth to NEW and ORIGINAL knowledge.



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