An Idea Folks in response to constructive criticisms a Rant Column here for Everyone to let off steam here??

How about it folks? No rational arguments or justified conclusions just unshamed ranting. Perhaps it might deter spies from GodTV Joyner etc as they would NEVER do such a thin. Golly gosh golly. So I’ll start in Jesus Name

  1.  Rory Alec never sees how obnoxious and boring he is.
  2. Rory Alec is out of control and wild he has a demanding spirit.
  3. You can  just  SEE Rory Alec’s prayerlessness.
  4. Have  you  heard them mock the Church on that piece of shit called’ Dream’ on TV.
  5. ‘Dream’ on TV its THEIR Dream you numbskull.
  6. Anyone taken secret pictures of Pulpit Gaurds and other Gaurds at IHOP yet?

You get the picture!


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