Lou Engle is like Mike Bickle in this respect $400,000 into Engles Coffers and mike Bickle a link


70 Interns @ $1500 =$400,000 a year into Engle’s Coffers according to this source, this is like Bickle’s IHOP which operates an similar non transparent financial policy.

 EDIT in Response to a Comment below

I can’t gaurantee that whatever the expenses of the ministry that Engle hasn’t got a tidy salary which of course we all don’t know about or the breakdown of the $400,000 into it’s component parts. But as none of these Ministries submits figures and data to the Evangelical Council for responsiblity and Ministry Watch in the US ( I am in the UK but am aware these Ministries exist) and the propensity for prophetic error and lack of accountability I can assume behaviour geared more to the worst and dangerous rather than the best.

I wish it wasn’t so but this American prophetic thing drives me to despair and I wish God would step in and DEAL WITH THEM,


4 responses to “Lou Engle is like Mike Bickle in this respect $400,000 into Engles Coffers and mike Bickle a link

  1. endtimespropheticwords


    I am not here supporting Bickle, IHOP or anybody else associated with them, neither do I support these charges – however, you need to realise this is not straight profit and will go towards paying food and accomodation, advertising, transport and other materials. If you are goung to claim that Us400k go into their coffers per year you just undermine yourself by being very obviously incorrect.


  2. endtimespropheticwords

    You are right there is ‘propensity for prophetic error and lack of accountability ‘. All I am saying is be a bit more careful how you word things. You make some good points but discredit yourself by making inappropriate and illogical conclusions. You then appear to be speaking wild and raving nonsense and will not have the same clout as you could have wit proponents of these ministries. That’s all 🙂

    Thanks for the points. I am working on issues. I have a lot of work on blog to do.
    Please kindly tell me where you think the ‘inappropriate and illogical conclusions’ are as I may dispute whether that’s the case.

  3. This is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

    Thats fine Steeno. I hope I have a free place where people can air their views in a way that contributes to the site.Unlike God TV and it’s associates who tightly control the views at least by Gods mighty grace I will try to give room for dissenters.
    Those who have visited might be of interest to you.
    God TV anonymous via Crayola Crown House Sunderland.
    Mark Goodge who is a superstar in his own right as he forces policies on the Usenet population. yeah kill the UK hierarchy! get your mates to elect you to power, only permit free speech for God TV demagogues. No democracy here but you might not be able to see it at the moment whilst the blinkers are on.
    Chris Cole has tried to get in touch with me but he is so loathsome and so interfering of others freedom and ministries freedom that he is wholly avoidable.
    I have Cameron Dante and Steve cockram slightly heavy weight if I want and another band which will remain nameless.
    So my attitude is I will do what I like but aim for something up building WHETHER YOU THINK IT IS RUBBISH OR NOT, often I go wrong but Commentators have provided helpful suggestions as how to improve.
    I would rather hang out with my ‘stupid’ lot than the lot who endures COLD ROOMS( IHOP SOURCES HIDDEN TO PROTECT IHOPPERS) when IHOP takes in $400,00pa enough to heat the place, provide a place so IHOPERS don’t have to live on junk ruining their health. And I would not trust Bickle with my pastoral welfare. God TV Cross Rhythms have a secret history of damage and destruction of lives and relationships and I don’t want to be part of it.
    Admin Added Thurs 18 October 2007

  4. I think you could create a real article on this: a request for these ministries to submit their financial records for the public like the Evangelical for Financial Accountability. That’s a viable stance, and I myself could support such a move. Even more relevant, you could write about Fair Tax or the need for ministries to come out from under the governments “muzzle-grip” of tax-exempt status. But no, you chose to write nonsense.

    What you’ve written about this money from internships going into their personal accounts is ridiculous, more it’s hilarious. You’ve clearly NEVER managed an intern budget as I have. What with housing, travel expenses, food, speakers honorarium, scholarship funds for students who can’t afford it, and some measly dollars for the RA’s…it’s lucky if anyone breaks even.

    So I suggest you do your homework, and write something that can be taken seriously as a journalistic piece, not this off-the-cuff raving on that which you do not understand.


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