‘But we haven’t told you we attended ‘The Cable Show 07’

Here’s a link to The Cable Show 07. The God Channel has shown coverage of them at NRB years? months after it was shot. They are known for holding back footage in order to work on the embarassing facts first to a more friendly pattern.

NRB Evidence

God TV uses NRB footage on Vision Reels more of POSITIVE ONLY commentary. Positive ONLY is a perversion of prophetic input into an organisation and smacks of dictatorship. It is very useful for avoiding uncomfortable facts and figures which God TV is legendary at.

NRB has been put into Shows such as Rory and Wendy Show interviews of their various FRIENDS ie folks who virtually sponser them and like pavlovian dogs can be relied on to follow the Script without question.

In fact Speakers ‘friends’ know the Format so well and are so well trained in it that they just launch off. Because God TV won’t offer a more critical helpful role for their friends which is how it should be.

Here’s the link folks Tom Snerthern US VP Affiliate Relations planted the spam!


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