Missions Week begins with £6m deficit that has WIDENED since last MW £2.5m

Missions Week has started with an even greater deficit than in the Vault Edition of MW when the deficit was a stalling £2.5m. The Alec’s decide to repeat Coverage of The Vault as if to remind us of their financial ‘Challenges’ a new word to enter the God TV Vocabulary . God TV now has owned up to the financial challenges that this Blog has blogged about for a long time. ( In fact for years I have kept a running log of the total and endured many a day of utter tedium recording the verbiage). At least they have admitted they have problems and this blog has yet another Victory.

I don’t know if they already have £6m in the kitty and this proposed£6m tranche that they hope to get will restore them to£12m ‘Foundation’ figure.

Speaking of which evidently God TV have their Foundations  set in last 12 years (not that they really have had Hell to establish their hated independence and power broking). If so as you know the foundations are very poor indeed and the Alecs should look carefully at what type of relationship they have with the LORD.


One response to “Missions Week begins with £6m deficit that has WIDENED since last MW £2.5m

  1. It seems that they are getting less and less money donated every mission week, this could be the beginning of the end for GodTV as far as finances are concerned, if they were really doing the will of God they wouldn,t need mission week at all, IMO…………Tony Crook UK

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