NEWSFLASH: God TV announces early Missions Week $12m for 12months for 12 Years of Ministry: Is this the beginning of the End or is Rory Alec avoiding facts???!

Today as I turn to God TV I note the following ticker the Announcement  of Missions Week Oct 2007 (normal timetable).

So we have a new thing of 12 days (?) of the ’12’ Theme: $12m for     12 months Funding next 12 months for 12 Years of God TV.

Using the 1:10 Ratio I can prophesy that they will AGAIN fall short of target because:

  1. The Israel Broadcast Centre wasn’t very successful
  2. Australia Office has come online so there are added costs.
  3. God TV is trying to up 600,000 figure in India a paltry figure against a total population of 1bn (desired viewership influence etc).
  4. God Phone not announced by Rory and Wendy Alec.
  5. IHOP Expenses $600,000 for Prayer Room IHOP Prayer room is ‘God TV’room to use IHOP’ers parlance.
  6.  India office in Deficit that’s nothing new!
  7. Beijing Office for China under guise of Expansion and Demand.
  8. HK Viewership when one Church The Vine Fellowship is used as representing entire HK Church and Alec’s sidestepping concerns of Church Leaders as to nature and content of Wendy Alec (Seer Scribe and Prophet God TV Programme Guide) prophecies.
  9. DRAFT

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