C4 Greenlights God TV Documentary:Heres the Link


People are too scared to speak out. We only say NICE THINGS ABOUT GOD TV. I guess it’s like Joyner on Harvestnet you are nicey nicey to their face but those hating the regime are hidden. Look at way Joyner and his mates John Paul Jackson Mike Bickle KCP Elijah Listers behave-Joyner being the centre. The social configurations around Joyner are plain to the eye just look long enough and hard enough and it will be SEEN

I hope C4 does the Documentary which no doubt is prayed against and I wouldn’t be surprised if God TV high ups tried to stop it’ Just like the Blogosphere which they realise they have to face to the point of Wendy Alec telling viewers NOT to read Blogs such as these WHY WENDY WHY????!!! 

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