The Proposed Global Reaches of God TV Cross R Rick Joyner Globally Distributed Projects

Global Distribution Goals of All Ministries Aggregated

God TV Global 1bn.

  1. Gilead national international predicted.

  2. God TV global

  3. CR Global

  4. message to schools global

  5. NAR global

  6. Innvervation Trust global

  7. Francis Francipane global holiness run from Francipane’s HQ.

  8. Expect Global Social Concerns theirs to have a global flavour.

  9. Rick Joyner Morning Star Global

  10. IHOP Global Statistics Time No of Cities in 211 countries superimpose 100,000 mini IHOP’s onto and you get critical aimed for density.

  11. CITY WIDE presbtrys in each City run by GOD TV and Joyner Elijah List Ministry Associates.(separate topic ASSUME GLOBAL REACH)

  12. Global CR, UCB only radio stations that Cole and co approve of which are residing in Hanchurch Lane, Stoke or Newcastle. Chris Cole only wants to listen to HIS TV and Radio Stations as they are PURE the rest of us are too demon infested to qaulify for his playlists except when it suits him..

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