Abberrant Christianity in God TV Rick Joyner theology driven globally focussed Movement

Aberrant Christianity in God TV Rick Joyner Globally Focused Movement

Monday, 13 August 2007
16:41:15 a8/p8
This Project has much to offer to the Sociology of Religion.

Exposing Aberrant Christianity for what it is Trojan Horse picture God’s People need to see beyond appearances to perceive true nature of a thing presented before them.

Aberrancies summarised polluting the River of God Prophets pissing and defecating in the River of God*

1.Carnality is built into their picture of themselves as something not requiring deep repentance.
2.Unaccountable Prophetic
3.Clique determined Prophetic God TV is one big Clique Scene.
4.Clique determined Prophetic in CCM and Dance and Creative Arts ALL.
5.Control and Manipulation of Viewers, Audiences with clampdowns on Dissidents and Rebels BEING shoved away so you can’t see them.
6.Inadequate Characters to cope with problems and difficulties caused of a subtle complex nature compounded by class, culture, position in world etc.
7.Watch them closely and carefully and you will see if I am right and I believe there is legal basis in Christ for this exposition of their errors.
8.Sociologically dangerous sociological exposition of AGEISM, view of Adults*
9.Psychological Dangerous no Ology to make it safe one size fits all.
10.Pavlovian behaviour of Guests*
11.Putting God TV Joyner under various Ologies Ists microscope all kinds of instruments could be used.
12.MRDT and creative prophetic denied discourse.


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