Is this how to treat the Church when you want a Refund the case of John Paul Jackson a Link KCP

I have been completely traumatized through his abusive treatment, and I will NEVER go back to church EVER again! Especially after my last experience I had at Rick Joyner’s church when Paul Keith Davis slandered me because of garbage John Paul said to him about me; and the end result was having the security guard kick me out of the church conference on the second day after I had driven 1300 miles to get there! I NEVER did ANYTHING wrong or anything deserving of being kicked out. It was Paul Keith Davis who instigated the problems that resulted in my being booted out of the church. I have been to Rick Joyner’s church dozens and DOZENS of times (at least 20 times), prior to my last visit there, and I NEVER had one single incident or one single problem – that is…until PAUL KEITH came along! And PK, like so many others, just believed whatever the almighty John Paul said about me, and the end result was like all the other occasions at other churches I’ve been to where JP or his buddies had been – me being stalked and harassed by security people, chased around the church and around the church parking lot at all those churches and at Rick J’s church, which eventually led up to me being kicked out the church doors like a useless worthless barrel of garbage for absolutely NO REASON AT ALL.

From Rip off Report a Preview August 3rd 2007

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