I wondering if I should Pray FOR THEM (Gethsemane this is) Blessings of prayerful spirit for Rory Alec, enjoying the Church, true prophecy joyner, benny hinn sent back to Church and taken off tv????_blessings blessings blessings if I am right etc etc?

I have some important posts to do God TV plan a Benny Hinn Special just as they have implemented a Blog strategy designed to counter and defeat blogs such as these (which are not convincing from where I stand but thats for you to decide). Some posts are bound to be controversial and difficult but hey its all just enumerating the same old problem, same old Thesis that has been going on from Year Dot.

Their Blog strategy with spams put in by Alistair Gibson and fans ?? (yes it does happen I was one!) including frequent editing of Wikipedia entry by the above- is necessary to comment on.

Anyway the run up to Israel 2008 and Missions Week Autumn looks an interesting run as God TV delegates more and more into God TV Clone personnel who are merely disciples of the Clique most High.

The other thought is BLESSINGS should be running concurrently throughout this Blog only Blessings like THIS: prayer thing in first place for Alecs especially Rory who is out of control and in denial, the real blessing of BEAUTY (!!!), the BLESSING OF ‘GETTING OFF’ on the audience like normal and even pagan people do. Phew I feel the temperature rise as the air clears and I see a picture. Hmmmm horrific revelations as they see what they are doing to the Church (advanced Premier on the ready), the blessing of ENJOYING AND APPRECIATING OTHER PEOPLES MINISTRIES WITHOUT MEDDLING IN THEM IN ANY WAY AND COMPLETELY UN CONDITIONAL NON INSTRUMENTAL SERVICE??????

The Temperatures rising. I want big things if I do. A Call to prayer for support? What will God give me, cos I ain’t settling for anything but haute couture grace on this babe!!!

Don’t forget the Dr’s of the Church who fought against heresy and false doctrine and won? and that God backed me up LEGALLY in the Heavenly places”If I am right about x y z (see Blog for xyz) and Richard Fosters revelation of Haystack Rock.


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