To come IHOP’ers Welfare Hidden Protected Sources

IHOP ‘ers and Welfare.

Evidence on ground

Protected Sources Citations hidden.

Junk Food not healthy food,

Actual income of IHOP £2.5m

Cost of Prayer Room £600,000

Mike Bickles Salary Guesstimates and other perks such as private plane rides with Benny Hinn, Jesse du Plantis integration into social scene of alecs, free bands commandeered by Goodge and Chris Cole Tony Cummings et al.

Church Leaders and ability to input into IHOP for correction rebuke etc actaully kind thing although not percieved as kind by IHOP.

Delegation by IHOP and other God TV related Ministries of HARMFUL MINISTRY to the Church and we must smile and tell em how wonderful they are when people are suffering and the Church must ‘pick up the pieces’ to quote Chris Cole.


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