Governmental Goals as a Theology and Discernment Site now at 18,000 plus Hits


Beautifying, looking at, receiving, assimilating**(Dallas Willard Citation needed) absorbing, engaging, deep mining* of oneself in the Ministry, stimulating, inspiring, so this leads to also PROJECTS, New Things and Ideas and Creativity because

‘Where the Spirit of the LORD is THERE IS FREEDOM’ 

If the Son sets you FREE you are FREE INDEED

you shall know the truth and the truth will set you FREE.

In my Kingdom there are many Dwellings I will go and prepare a place for you. In the Kingdom folks can just ‘set up Home’ make themselves happy in God’s Kingdom (Oak Tree inhabited by thousands of residents).

Myself and others if they are honest CANNOT set up home in their Ministry/ies. We cannot be FRIENDS, I have called you FRIENDS and friends are in on Gods Plans. We cannot engage in problems solving. In this world you will have troubles trials etc but cheer up I have overcome the world creating all the problems etc getting you down. (Bible with Kate amendments!!)

Draft Working Paper Post


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