How to spot the False Prophet God TV and Benny Hinn

  1. Worship: the Saints worship, contrast Benny Hinn who delegates spiritual functions to Guest Worship Leaders and guests and more or less spouts same words like a repetitive C.
  2. True versus False, Beauty Salt, real Saints Salt, Salt production requires Salt to produce Salt Salt Factories such as Maldon in Essex. Salt is a very pure substance. You can’t have much but it makes you thirsty so SAINT TO SAINT creates Thirst. Fivefold Salty Saints create Thirst. Salt isn’t just for the World!!!Men and Women and Young Children and Yoof and children in other sense Learning disabilities and those made ‘child’ by circumstances ie mentally ill in community care by soft skills de-skilling (academic Paper on on HDD).
  3. UGLINESS and repulsion is sign of something WRONG and or fundamental error. This is a lesson I am learning from Prayer Windows and God’s availing of it to me.
  4. Character no Gulfstream Jets, Mansions but GOD WOULD RATHER WE WERE HONEST so he can heal us and shock horror provide. My group is overdue for justice shown to other Minorites who are leaving us behind. Thank God God wants me to be me I read Tatler Vogue and am A List as a Woman BUT God is my Father and jesus is saving me I cannot do it unless he does it.
  5. Delegation of ministry tasks, even with delegation on normal radio/TV, LISTENERS AND VIEWERS are always relating one on one with different individual distinct Presenters, interacting with general prophetic and specific personal prophetic and availing of resources made possible by happy viewer support:Premier is example. The Alec’s avoid the viewer and Clique Prophet is making them descend into mire of selling the Church down the line.
  6. The true Church will NOT sell the Church down the line. Yeah problems difficulties tests growth etc BUT NOT SELL THE CHURCH DONE THE LINE.
  7. Healing is Gods prerogative thank God he is a HEALER made possible through Cross Jesus bearing the most extraordinary wounding (see blog for details) and extraordinary need (what would you create Church I for group needing it not associated with salvation grace of god etc and MENTAL HEALTH CHURCH (God is actually doing stuff as a result of a few silly pictures and chronic helplessness!!!!!).
  8. Ministries can be in error because of PRESSURE Revelation TV. Other ministry pressure can cause error. Bring Howard Conder to the Ministry he originally wanted and everyone else LORD PROTECT ME LORD PROTECT US PROTECT AND SHIELD YOUR CHURCH WE CANNOT BE PROTECTED WITH OUT YOUR HOLY SPIRIT HELPING US TO BE PROTECTED. Angels galore characterize salvations, protections on mind body spirit relationships etc ANGELS AND NT OT watch look and look at jesus life and how father loved him then say ‘This is for me’ take it in take it in take it in. Praise God that God gave me this word and it went from TFM meeting to word for whole church 400 plus!!!!
  9. God so loved his Saints John 3:16 is good for our saintly sainted salvation so sometimes he needs to convert us where we have fallen into paganness, My weekday prayerlessness is case in point as Oswald chambers says in my utmost PRAYER IS THE LIFE OF A SAINT all sorts not just intercession but the full Monty!!
  10. prayer characterises saint but as Trinitarian confession thank the Lord the Holy Spirit helps us even to do that too we only have to be willing and he strikes into action.
  11. GOD will also help you in the Unknown. THIS IS THE UNKNOWN I have suffered I do this to bless shock horror the Body of Christ if push comes to shove and God heal me myself of this helping me helping others universally regardless unconditional love** (Churches do prayer admin can’t but use blog to generate prayer concerns ministry etc etc)
  12. Binding of will (Liberty Savard the non healer ministry another topic aggh) false prophets don’t like freedom of expression and speech  or any freedom. Ministry frees the person to be themselves but Christ in a Ministry draws you to want to yield to it’s character. Assimilation happens in truth not in false ministry error etc.
  13. False ministry denies Cross and Calvary and Holy Spirit etc despite of right words to contrary baby its a subtle complex thing not apparently obvious. Satan loves to hide as an Angel of Light and the Angel of light is all over Hinn and God TV. Red Dragon means no one can minister aggh even though THINGS HAVE HAPPENED****church split and refusal to listen to problems difficulties be accountable all sell church down line something Satan loves so


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