God TV Gallery Who is actually involved in this prophetic and financial mess up????

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2 responses to “God TV Gallery Who is actually involved in this prophetic and financial mess up????

  1. A thing that really amused me was on the last MW a viewer pledged £1 million and then said that he was trusting in God to provide it! ie he didn,t have a million in the first place! and according to reports they only have about 50% of the pledges so far..why doesn,t GodTV give away £1 million and wait for the hundred fold return? that would sort out their financial difficulties! or don,t they really believe the prosperity doctrine that they constantly preach? especially on Missions Week..just a thought………..Tony Crook UK

  2. They DID make a huge donation which wiped out their capital reserves in an effort to deal with the Crisis only to as usual ignore concerns about their roots and origins and causes and effect of their Ministries. Trouble is is that the prophetic root is wrong because it is based on the Clique and therefore the clique model distorts everything and they see the rest of the Church as wrong whereas in their eyes THEY ARE RIGHT in fact so right that others Ministries are subordinated to them in character, dismantled, disband etc because of what I believe is unsound theology by a dangerous Joyner.
    They aren’t nice as people unlike normal Christians and Ministries. This Blog can help you to LOOK OBSERVE LISTEN and see for yourself if you think I’m right and I believe I am.
    In it God has set a Feast in the midst of my Enemies, Healing, righteousness, and above all legal back up with an apparent development in that back up plus the Haystack Rock prophecy given to Richard Foster who is a good guy.
    There a many good guys getting a bad reputation because they try to help the ministry. it is an evil thing to tangle with and few strong things have happened.

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