NEWSFLASH AFTER THE EVENT: Tastyfresh censor and block my desire for DJ’s to help me make *My* Music

Its a long time ago but years ago I tried  to get a DJ on Tastyfresh or ‘Tasty’ as it’s commonly known to mix a mix that is a ‘Kate Mix’. The Long and the short of it is that Tasty blocked  it under the guise of support.It wasn’t ‘allowed’.

Look  at Rory and Wendy’s Friends: Evander Holyfield,Jesse Markee any friend can make music but not those not approved. Rory Alec is an Musician (Against all Odds before subsequent Revisions and Free Distribution).

So I get really screwed up by this. What does God do?

followed by a key quote from Thomas Merton Foundation  more later of a rather great import.

AND it seems God is acting on my Pictures and Circumstances ie Bypasses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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