NEW People and Personnel Changes at God TV not announced by God TV itself

Johnny Woodrow is promoted to Special Projects Director in year xxxxxxx recent years.

Bo Sanders and Simone Jacobson join the Team (BTS and Missions Weeks I believe this or last year).

Staffing has gone up and down like this 160, 120 Staff Cuts in Sunderland, 160 to 200 Staff grand total.

There have been disgruntled Staff somewhere on Net.

God TV Sunderland Broadcast is more expensive was (source protected) Israel is expensive (Rory Alec BTS Israel Centre 2006), spending 5-8 x actual income is costing them the Channel, where only the use of Financial deficits is holding the Wolf at bay due to sin of unrepented bankruptcy and misguided notions of viewers. (Viewers are advised NOT to heed their vision of them as it is faulty based on a Bad Church that they want nothing to do with instead of a faulty Church God is dealing with and beautifying) .

Staff Changes are not announced by God TV.

Mike Bickle replaces Suzzette Hattinge of City Vision ex CFAN no Announcement made. Hattinge appears on UCB the God TV Friendly Station.

Robbie Frawley delivers free God Boxes to pastors in Romania. Link deleted.

Chris Cole liking UCB indicates that UCB would not speak out of line on God TV indeed they are friends and nice and near to one another in Stoke on Trent.

Clique mentality undergirds all recruitment including prophetic recruitment either that or you become a friend by solving their problems (I was doubly promoted/given job/s to do by them and I broke ALL the Rules) .


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