Perhaps my Blog Research is to direct Traffic to other sites as well who well deserve it!

Given that God TV Joyner and Movement in general doesn’t exactly have a reputation for listening and responding to concerns and difficulties concerned with the  Ministries, then I guess we could be due an unprecedented amount of Rejected Deleted Email Traffic from God TV and it’s influential mates. BUT seeing as we are looking at what I believe is a Trojan Horse and that God wishes us to examine what we see then if you are provided with the evidence, impartially, non judgementally ( I need prayer too as does everyone on this as this project and these projects take us to the edge of our sanity and Christian life’s), and with good desire to serve the Body, gaining skills in the process; then maybe God will legally back me/us up. Like the Three Musketeers who instead of meeting correspond in far away corners not knowing one another it’s a case of ”All for One and One for All” (The Three Musketeers film).


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