I wonder if the Church needs to teach about recognising False Prophets, Errant Ministries and so forth?

Apparently or so it might appear a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs and Ministries seem to be taking this Function.
The Body remember has a mechanism for expelling toxins, and way and means to prod the Head into action creating thirst hunger pain tiredness etc.
HAS THE BODY OF CHRIST forgotten to pray that it expels the crap and poison circulating about in it’s System?
I get the impression that following the Red Dragon revelation and many others online that we have a nasty bugger on our hands that refuses to budge by other means. A load of darkness which ultimately threatens the Sheep and rebounds in judgement discipline on the Perpetrators.
So whether by carelessness, an overwhelming desire to get out REGARDLESS of cost, a willingness and surrender (dreadful decision perhaps Gethsemane maybe ) for Church Leader/s concerned, the effects are telling horrific and beyond dreadful and the Church ‘must pick up the pieces’ as Chris Cole quoted on Dream on TV (call that a Dream Christopher Cole?) and as a result of that I think its in our hands and down to us to react as we see fit to the Crises set before us.


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