NEWS FLASH AFTER THE EVENT:Rory and Wendy Alec start ‘East Coast Digital ‘ to represent their Interests in the USA.

4. God TV: Reportedly, Reagan is trying to involve God TV in FNS, following God?s bid to buy Grace Digital Media in the bankruptcy sale.
God TV’s founders are Rory and Wendy Alec. The Alecs’ business dealings are under the names of Rory Stephen and Wendy Stephen. The Alecs/Stephens recently moved God TV’s world headquarters to 1730 M NW in Washington.
The Alecs/Stephens created a for-profit in August 2004, East Coast Digital Management, which purchased Grace?s lease rights to the Chamber of Commerce rooftop in the bankruptcy.
A director of East Coast Digital is Francis Frangipane, one of the Kansas City Prophets, as is Paul Cain, “Senior Diplomatic Advisor to Federal News Service and Grace News Network.? Cain has been close to Cheryl and her attorney/adviser J. Thomas Smith.
The secretary of East Coast Digital is Stephen W. Beik, who was charged in 2001 with aiding and abetting a scam that involved three Pennsylvania churches. (SEC v. Gilbert Merrell Wynne, et al.) The case is ongoing.
Beik was involved in the God?s attempted purchase of Grace, working with Reagan?s advisers and counsel. He identified himself as the administrator and general counsel and corporate secretary of Angel Christian Television Trust d/b/a God TV.
The goal of God TV is to televise into 1 billion homes. To that end, Wendy and Rory have targeted China, encouraging people to send videotapes of God TV, broadcast in English, into China. Locals have said this could result in some being imprisoned if caught with the banned material. The Chinese government is particularly unhappy with Wendy because she prophesied that blood will be spilled in the streets of Chinese cities and the government will fall.
God TV employs 100 people worldwide, including 64 people in the UK & Ireland, 11 in the U.S., 11 in Asia, 10 in Israel, 8 in Africa, 6 in Scandinavia and 4 in its European office.

has all the details.

Rory and Wendy buy bankrupt Grace Media to secure a foothold in the USA.


From Falling From Grace Blogspot with thanks for them for this coup.


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