I’ve been thinking that ‘The Governmental Goals of God TV’ is bringing the Story together of God TV and it’s Development or Not as a result of extensive Research based on other Websites/Books/painstaking observations at Home about what is NORMAL Healthy Christianity and What is NOT

The more I see other Websites Some Hidden Protected but Highly Informative, Others analytical such as Into Truth, Apologetics Index, Belfast Berean and numerous other Blogs the more a picture is building up of aberrant Discipleship and dangerous error.

Governmental Goals of God TV is as much as exercise in sussing out what is true theology and what isn’t. As a Sheep I have a duty to know Who is false and who is real and who is playing about*. False Prophets, Aberrancy etc is part and parcel of the whole thing Christians have to deal with in order to suss out what is coming from Christ and what isn’t.

The subtle complexies of the above crisis of God TV, Cross Rhythms, Rick Joyner, NAR, Joel’s Army could NOT be discovered if the authors had not had the courage and guts to follow their instincts and investigate the various claims made by these Ministries.

The fact that God TV Joyner et al conduct all their activities in total secrecy and hidden from view must lead one to ask WHY and ask questions of the Ministry.

Seeing as they are unaccountable the ONLY way it seems things to happen appears to be blogs but I may be wrong. Is GOD behind these Blogs? Is God angry with them and enabling his Children to investigate suss out etc after all if the Shepherds were incompetent then the Sheep must do things. The late Wimber is a case in point. Church leaders failed to intervene despite fasting etc. And Gods’ Peoples Hands appear to be tied despite apparent God With Us for real and not false evidence of His with us not against us.

I wonder if the Red Dragon is right and the lack of accountability etc is making a horrific unimaginable situation more and more difficult.

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