Hasn’t anyone noticed how this serious matter was swept under the Carpet in favour of a business as usaul approach???


Sexaul sin committed with fellow band member ends up with Prison Sentence in US somewhere I have it on HDD.

Cross Rhythms is STILL selling the Raze Albums are Innervation and Message to Schools.

”Be sure your sin will find you out”Numbers. God keep me clean and help me. Pure heart = see God My utmost today reading.

I hate them blocking the Vision of God you see so evidently in Salvation. The Holy Spirit is there BUT HE ISN’T ALLOWED FULL CONTROL and thankfully the Holy Spirit helps us do and be any kind of good not in our strength but his enabling winning us over to His Way etc etc. By the Cross woundings and sins are dealt with no other way. Why wasn’t something done to stop this????!!

Lack of pastoral oversight for bands?


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