Rogues Gallery Final Post for Tonight



Lou Engle

Chris-cole Representing Truth Dismantling

Chris Cole who I despise and refuse to meet although he may deny it.


Ze and Dave Markee of the Markee Clique an approved Church in Croydon

is Folly’s End.



Our dear brother Rick who gets all these Visions telling him to kick the Church’s arse.


Jennifer Hughes who cancelled audiences on her show due to ‘people problems’ ie not being able to relate as secular unredeemed DJ’s do to their enormous cost.


Jonathan Bellamy in with the big boys of Government and local Politics little do they know.


Benny Hinn Lavish lifestyles selling the Church down the line. The E Word works with the L Word to the Church.

21-robmount 125-PeteStanley 1-dcarr 57-janderson control_room

Why can’t they SEE a few local Church Leaders in Stoke roped in Chris Cole’s local power games.

I expect brokenness’ is not J’Marcs fall, Benny Hinn’s lifestyle, falls within Joyner camp covered up by so called ‘Restoration’. Lack of care lack of love and Mike Bickle (less said the better Accountability repentance and openness to ‘The Church ‘ is your FRIEND not Enemy@


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