I have sent my First Email to Rory and Wendy which I said whether Deleted or Responded to will be posted here on the Blog putting me in a position of strength.


So here I am up from the DEAD Anglican Church (Rory Alec BTS I believe) which according to the Lent Takeaways I need to pray for the C of E IN CRISIS but intercede FOR IT’S BEAUTY. So don’t deny the problems troubles etc KEY THING is JESUS is in business of ‘beautifying the Church’ see Isaiah 61 BEAUTY is an abiding characteristic of even the most unpromising Church if it is alive in the Spirit meaning God has NOT abandoned it. God says in Hebrews I will NOT LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU which is a pretty big promise. You may mess up but if I am your Lord and Saviour I am with you. If you are immature and weak as in Thailand 1.45% are Christians I AM WITH YOU (Sue Hunt Living Waters/Desert Stream). What Sue said in her Talks helped me SEE that God has NOT abandoned the Thai Church. Neither the UK. Because I pray for Through Faith Missions GOD comes in (a group of us have been praying regularly for 20 years or more?) and rescues Churches which are dying struggling etc. THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOLKS!

What is so objectionable about the whole God TV Joyner IHOP NAR thing is THEY REFUSE CORRECTION and therefore GODS SALVATION AND TOUGH LOVE IN IT.

In His Name

Admin Founder Editor


Mark Goodge who polices the Internet.

1000000557 Bickle Ex Kansas City Prophets a lead figure if you read it properly a very disturbing but accurate Report that was not handled right by ‘The Church’ (General Tone of God TV Cross Rythms folks et al)

bob_gass I only speak Postive Only Blackness Suffering Saints Create Truth Bob Gass who wouldn’t be seen dead correcting them in his Devotional. He should be kicking their arses and keeping them online. By God’s Grace he uses ME and LEGALLY BACKS ME UP IF I AM RIGHT ABOUT X IF I AM RIGHT ABOUT Y ETC ETC BLESSINGS NOW ARE DEFICIENT AND NEED TO BE REPLACED LIKE LOST BLOOD FLOW (FROM THE CROSS AND IN KINGDOM SENSE). Astounding stuff and what God did means everything to me.

More later on that.


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