Selling the Church down the line: IHOP, supporting the Kansas City Prophets, and Authoritarian Unaccountable Aberrant Christian

I believe in Jesus Strong Holy Protective Name as He is my Sheild Fortress HE not a  Ministry or Church but He Himself that God TV is selling the Church down the line (John Paul Jackson interpretation of dream on Rory and Wendy Show one of the staffers had had a telling  dream).

With Benny Hinn, IHOP, Kansas City Prophets, the American Prophet Rick Joyner and Co it all adds up to Abberant Christianity that disregards and despises the Bride for whom Christ suffered died in minute careful way to cover her to make for Himself a Bride without spot wrinkle or blemish (Ephesians there is lots of Biblical Evidence to back up Conclusions so expect many Bible Gateway Trips).

God TV has no Journalism and websites if you like must or seem to function in that way. Because how else are people to know otherwise and assess for themselves whether sites like mine are lying or am telling the truth as I painfully and powerlessly observe it. No Journalism and accountability leaves them thinking foolishly that they can do things and nobody will notice RUBBISH! it is plain to the eye that they are a Clique that Rory Alec is prayerless that Joyner is espousing Myths based on a overactive power mad imagination.

Rory Alecs obsession with Ministry because it looks good is destroying the Alecs and does not draw me as a Believer to wish to emmulate them or their Cliquey Friends.

Everyone feels under duress to say and do the right thing they don’t need training they only have to watch and spring into action. It is sites like these that help me be myself and not fall under that fatal spell.

I have had them try to dismantled/curse/discourage a god given prayer assignment: I paid with my spiritual wellbeing and life. No more then will others have to go through what I have been through but  I myself are precious to God and He is the true Prophetic. I can’t say ‘Prophet’ The Pastor Gruen Report exposes dismantling if you look carefully enough and at this and other Blogs BEWARE behind the Social Concerned Charitible Evangelistic Exterior lies the Wolves of power mad imperialistic judgemental Americans.


One response to “Selling the Church down the line: IHOP, supporting the Kansas City Prophets, and Authoritarian Unaccountable Aberrant Christian

  1. I can only HOPE that other Christians who only believe “the old fashioned stuff” will read this and tell other believers about the terrible error. I WISH THE I.R.S. WOULD INVESTIGATE

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