Mike Bickle IHOP and his place in the KCP and IHOP Summary







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  1. Dictatorship Bickle’s way or Your way.
  2. Security and Pulpit Guards.
  3. Kansas City Prophets debacle of 20 years ago.
  4. Controlled Dictated Environment for Prayer.
  5. Threats of legal action or other to deter Whistleblowers.
  6. Chosen Few know how much Bickle and Company are paid.
  7. How the flock are treated same story repeats itself over and over again.
  8. Unaccountable but plan to set Chosen Few set up Accountability Mechanism to avoid scrutiny of wider Body of Christ.
  9. Strict Codes of Conduct whilst behind the scenes laxness and scandals etc hypocritical.
  10. Joyner et al God TV behind it all.
  12. Friends with Joyner
  13. Pals with the Kansas City Prophets who still wander the Church unrepentant unyielding unaccountable.

Bickle’s role in KCP


Because all of this is happening “in my back yard,” and because we’ve witnessed firsthand the devastation that Mike’s “Movement” has wrought in area churches and lives, I have had no other choice but to speak, even though it is a task that I do not cherish. It is an assignment from the Lord that I would not wish on anyone.

The Lord spoke to me, “You are my point guard. You must take the ball and bring it up the court.” He warned me, “Do not foul; do not step out of bounds.” He also said I must know when to pass the ball to the taller players (References from Gruen Report Introduction p12)


“You were the only one who had the credibility in the city to do it…”

“No one can accuse you of being insecure or jealous because your church is a lot larger than Kansas City Fellowship…”

“I’m an Assembly of God pastor and so I could not have preached the message. I’m sorry you had to do it but it needed to be done…”

Throughout this documentation you will find excerpts from some of these letters received from the church of the Kansas City area. (Page 14)


Let me also stress that this is not simply a local problem. Kansas City Fellowship is seeking to spread their


“Movement” worldwide. This is a problem facing all of us in the church of the United States. In our perception, it is a last days deception.

The following are summaries of a number of our concerns. Each is taken from a specific section of our documentation, which contains all reference information for quotations and a more in-depth examination of each point.


1. We all have a problem when Mike Bickle promotes Bob Jones across the nation as a “true prophet of God.” This man is not a prophet. In his testimony1 Bob Jones relates how he…

a. Spent over 20 years in complete abandonment to sin–alcoholism, street-fighting, barroom brawls, chasing women, gambling, liquor smuggling, and self-acknowledged demon possession (“…when they’d take over me, I’d go completely wacky! Just lookin’ for trouble. When you drank enough, you became possessed, I become possessed…’), until finally, while in a mental institution, he hears “Jesus” tell him (concerning 12 people) to “either kill them or forgive them, Bob.” Fortunately, he decides to forgive them, he gets released, and he abruptly becomes a self-declared “prophet of God for the end~ times.”

b. Goes from seeing demons regularly (“…I didn’t have trouble seeing the devils at all…I knew the devils real good when I drank–used to party with ‘em out in the beer joints…”) to suddenly seeing angels regularly and having strange nightly visions and out-of-body experiences. Both Jones and Bickle estimate that “Bob normally gets 5 to 10 visions a night, maybe sees angels 10 to 15 times a week,” and has done so since 1974.

If accurate, this translates to 27,375 – 54,750 visions, in addition to 7,800 – 11,700 angelic visitations thrown in for good measure. This totals to more supernatural experiences than those of all the men of the Bible put together. There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG HERE (page 16 Bob Jones is featured on God Channel in Blueprints Conference only this year 2007)

3. We all have a problem when Mike Bickle promotes an “elected seed generation” theology for his “Movement” that is so wild and so preposterous that it could only have come out of visions from his “prophets.” For example:

a. Their literal children, those born since 1973, are the “elected seed,” hand-selected by Jesus and the angels from “billions of little round yellow things” up in heaven to be born into the families of the “Movement.” The “little yellow things” are seeds from actual bloodlines, and they are the “best of every bloodline that’s ever been–Paul, David, Peter, James and John–the best of their seed unto this generation,” predestined and hand-picked to be part of the “end-time Omega generation.” They are described as the “chosen generation of all history” who will “possess the Spirit without measure.” This specific generation is the “bride of Christ…the man-child of Revelation 12…the ministry of perfection…the Melchizedek priesthood…the manifested sons of God–Romans 8:19-23…the 144,000 servants–Revelation 7:4…Joel’s army,” etc.

b. This “end-time, Omega generation superchurch” will do “10,000 times the miracles in the book of Acts.” They will conduct meetings of “a million or more” where they “will move their hands and the power of God will go like flashes of lightning, and as they go like this over a million people, if a person is missing an arm…it will instantly be created…” They will “walk through walls…they’ll be translated…hundreds of dead will be raised during meetings in ballpark stadiums…over a billion saved…eyes put back in eye sockets…‘invincible–can’t die,” etc.

c. Three hundred thousand of Mike’s generation and their superchildren will be last-days apostles. Thirty-five of KCF’s apostles will be “like unto Paul.” (page 17)

My Friend Linda Hustawayte a young person is a case in point she has gone astray she used to be a leading young person in the Church as church leaders will witness.

“…The Ishmael spirit includes most of the Charismatic churches today. There are two movements, and I believe with all my heart the Charismatic movement is the Ishmael movement…

“We’re looking for a whole new order…I don’t want prominence in Ishmael’s camp. I don’t want to be a part of it at all…we want to come out of the old order, because it’s unbroken…untrained…humanistic…manmade, self-centered… illegitimate…afflicted with evil spirits…“

This is deceptive, unscriptural, and hypocritical. Our assessment is that Mike is seeking to gather as large a following as possible unto himself before making his break from the “old order.” (See Section II) PAGE 18

ABSOLUTELY KEY THIS IS ALL OVER GOD TV AND MIKE BICKLES IHOP. I don’t want Andy Comiskey to lose his faith in a) his beloved Vineyard b) his beloved California c) his beloved CHURCH.

(we are not denying what’s wrong here)

5. We all have a problem when Mike trains Christians to expect persecution and rejection from other born-again Christians-— their own brothers and sisters in Christ.

Mike Bickle: “…when the ‘new order’ comes, it will be ten times greater than the old…probably a hundred times…and it’s going to cause some conflict… Saul became jealous of the greater anointing on the ‘new order’ (David)…this jealousy allowed the entrance of an evil spirit into Saul’s order…that order had the blessing of God and it had the ways of man, and it had evil spirits in it as well…”

This practice virtually parallels that of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who indoctrinate their followers to view the attempts of evangelical Christians to reach them as “persecution from the enemy” and confirmation that they indeed the “elect of God.”

How does one bring correction to a man who sees himself as being invited by God to be a founder and apostle of a

worldwide, end-times movement that is going to make all that God has previously done obsolete…and who sees those (page 18)

God TV and IHOP are full of ‘the anointing’ (where is it!!) I can’t even bear to look at Alec/the Alecs you can see prayerlessness on them arrogance, hatred of the Church on them. If you split follow the Church!!!

6. We all have a problem when so-called “prophets” make completely irresponsible predictions and frighten Christian brethren with alarming prophecies–supposedly from God-warning of imminent disasters.

For example, in November of 1987, after the stock market plunge in October, John Paul Jackson warns that there’s going to be a fall in the stock market, that 1988 will be a severe year for the stock market, and that “it will be severe between here and there, but nothing like 1988 will bring.”

Not to be outdone, Bob Jones warned in February of 1988, “Another thing that will be this year is financial collapse. I don’t know how soon–I really expect it right away…It (the stock market) will eventually come down to 400 points. If you’ve got money in–they call it common shares or something like that…what do they call them? Mutual funds–if you’ve got money in that, I encourage you to get it out of there real quick-like…that financial collapse is at hand…I always like to just warn you…” (page 18)

This Report is full of them. What about the numerous prophecies by Kansas City Prophets on God TV? Or at Conferences etc. Friendships amongst Leaders.???? Where is the accountability NOW for them? Just read it and see and know THIS HAS NOT BEING DEALT WITH PERHAPS THE NET IS THE ONLY WAY I PROFFER IF THE LORD IS DOING IT NOT ME/US.



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