This is one long and complicated Story: Mix Benny Hinn into the Mix and then..

All One needs is to build up a Picture of the God TV Empire and How it is developing or Not

Ulk Ekkman hasn’t been covered but it is safe to make presupositions as to behaviours and he is a friend of the Alecs.

Gwen and husband Pranchard

One Cubed is no longer shown on God TV.

I am trying it is painstaking and painful hard work but my web hits are a Reward as is acknowledgement by professional Christian and non christian organisations.

Thankfully I am not the only one ‘out there’ in Cyberspace who is researching, there are many of us.

We have those researching Benny Hinn, Rick Joyner Harvestnet is distinguished in their Service to the Church in this respect, Bob Weiner and Campus Crusade for Christ Factnet comes up with the goods and other God TV  Sites researching and against and even ouvert campaigning against in Churches The Berean etc. This site as you know tries to be some kind of Newspaper, Magazine whatever I fancy it to help the Church make up it’s own mind as to whether I am wrong in writing what I do. I believe there is no other God TV site like this on the net because it is MY BABY. But without these other Brothers and Sisters this site would not have the material  generated to generate sui genesis it’s theories.

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