NEWS FLASH: God TV sign up WDC Media a Christian PR Company to do their PR

Newsflash: God hires WDC Media a Christian PR Company to undergird and strengthen it’s PR strategy inthe UK with Alistair Gibson and Cecile Meyers (Sunderland UK). God TV’s other staffers include Mark Goodge on the Net, THREE Staff on Special Projects Johnny Woodrow Original SP Director, Simone Jacobson No 2 and Bo Sanders No III and Executive Director and Head of Broadcast and Distribution-Rory Alec’s Right Hand man.

From what I see is that a growing use of the net is now being employed from recruiting Bloggers to Wikipedia Entries (Alistair Gibson and Co). Book Reviews on Amazon and Record Reviews come under similar stance.

Cross Rhythms spams out its own Reviews to websites in addition to promoting CR brand. This of course affects objectivity and critical thinking when it comes down to the rigorous evaluation of CR sponsered artists (any who are chums with Cole and Cummings and Co grovel grovel creep creep). CR also gaurd ‘their’ own section of Greenbelt (God gave me ‘my ‘ section if you like on Greenbelt as God did amazing unheard of things there.).

God TV also employs CCM artists sympathetic to CR who au naturalle promote it’s Joyner theology with secret hidden disasterous consequences.

This is all root and branch part of the God TV PR Strategy which involves power relationships by so called working with other Ministries but in fact meaning those Ministries are vulnerable.

People are too scared to speak out hence the difficulties in getting folks to speak out on a Channel 4 Documentary now given green light.

Admin and Founder Editor


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