I’ve gone UP From 36 to 6 in WordPress Growing Blogs of the Day Charts

Wow Everyone and Thanks so much for all the Visitors and Readers of this Blog. Admin here. I have just looked at my Dashboard and noticed that The Governmental Goals of God TV has climbed from a steady dogged 36 (for a year or more? I wasn’t counting!) to No 6 in the Top Ten. This is magnificent and reflects the way this Blog is read which gathering from the statistics read is SERIOUSLY with attention to the various key points being raised by the Blog such as Unaccountability and Deleted Email Reciepts,  Rory and Wendy’s actual spiritual state at time of leaving /splitting from the Church (that they are ALL Ex Church is a telling thing more later) and continued spiritual state must be a matter of concern for all of us (just see the pictures of prayerful versus prayerless and Rory’s difficulty in tuning into HIS Agenda and you will see what I mean); Missions Weeks  and Financial Facts and Stats which are one of the most highly read parts of the Blog, the various Partnerships or not, relationship to ‘the Church'(disparaging term implied) all adds up to what I can see is SERIOUS reading on (all) your part.

Yesterday as all time Viewing jumped to 579 I could hardly take it in.  I realise God TV has mounted a Secret Counter Strategy to counter and defend itself against sites like these and that it appears the Competition is formidable; but when you compare ORIGINAL Research and Data with Spams on other sites, pioneering versus what I believe are compromised so-called relationships then I believe this Site makes you a Winner albeit in a very difficult painful place requiring resolution.

Thanks once again you amaze me!

Admin and Founder and Author and Pioneer


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